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Well, I now have a few projects that I am doing at work. I've been working with Susan on casting for their panto, and now James has givn me another task - to assist him in planning a performance in an art gallery! The play Vincent will be coming to Greenwich in January, and it's really quite exciting. It's a play about Vincent van Gogh and it was written by Leonard Nimoy... yes, Mr. Spock himself. It has had a lot of success in the US but is getting it's European premiere at the Edinburgh festival this fall and it's London premiere at the Greenwich Theatre! James gave me the project on Tuesday the 17th of calling up art galleries and finding out which ones have van Gogh paintings and then starting negotiations to get one performance in their space, if possible. Basically, the show is going to run for a week and one of the nights James wants the show to be performed in the space with the van Gogh paintings. After work, I went to class and we talked quite a lot about the show we were going to see, Afterlife, and about the "wee exam" that Ruth had planned for Wednesday.

The play was... not exactly something that I'd recommend. It was visually stunning, with gorgeous moving set pieces, beautiful costumes and great lighting. Unfortunately, the acting and story didn't match up with the beauty of the tech. The story was not very engaging and I was never drawn in, and that wasn't helped by the fact that they drilled 2 points into our head over and OVER - that Max Reinhardt was similar to Everyman (the character of a Medieval play that he staged every summer) and that he had money troubles. the entire first act was the actors repeating those two ideas over and over again until I wanted to get up out of my seat and leave! The second act had Nazis to hate so it was slightly more interesting but it was still rather dull and I was rather enthused to leave when it was done!

On Wednesday, we took the "wee exam" but it wasn't a very difficult test, especially after remembering how hard my theatre history exams with Michal were! I just wrote about how money was an issue in all three of the plays that we saw. We'll see what Ruth thought of my response next week! After class, a group of us went to see Wicked! It was absolutely everything that I wanted it to be - stunning, well-acted, amazingly sung and moving! The Elphaba was very young but her voice was absolutely AMAZING!!! Oh, and the Fiyero wasn't exactly too hard on the eyes either... ;)

Thrusday was a pretty chill day - I worked and kept emailing the srt galleries. It looks like we might be able to do it at the National Gallery and possibly have some connection to the Courtauld as they have a lot of scholars who could (we hope!) come in and have a post-show discussion about van Gogh, his work and life.

I'll update more about the weekend later!