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Work, work, work

Well, on Sunday Ruth and I went on a mission to figure out where my internship is... and it turned into an odyssey! First off, since I am in Greenwich I need to take the tube over to the eastern side of the city and then take the DLR (like our light rail) down to Greenwich, but because of the whole drinking on the tubes fiasco, the trains were not running regularly and the one that I wanted to take was shut down entirely! Because of that, we had to go up to Bank and then get on the DLR to Poplar and THEN take the southern track of the DLR down to Greenwich. After that whole mess, then it took us over 45 minutes of wandering and going up and down a very steep hill before we found the theatre. Once we did, I noticed a bunch of people next door and we happened upon a street market with books and vintage clothing and accessories and jewelry and much, much more! I ended up buying a necklace from Kenya and a white quilted purse from the vintage shop, and together they were less than 20 quid!

The next day, I went to my interview and I got pretty dressed up and very quickly realized that I was WAY overdressed! My interview only lasted a few minutes but I felt like I was going to get along with my supervisor Susan very well. After that, I went home and changed into jeans and then went with my roomie down to CAPA to get our food stipend for the week (Yeay - 40 quid!) and then we went to the police talk. That was pretty bogus, since it only lasted a half-hour and the guys doing it seemed to know that it was pretty bogus. At least they were very entertaining!

On Tuesday, I had my first day of work and all I had to do was show up at 10 and carry a CD player over to the audition site on the other side of Greenwich. I had once again overdressed and made a mental note never to wear a skirt without a t-shirt on to dress it down!!! We were auditioning some teenagers for roles as apprentices for the panto that the theatre is putting on this year (Jack and the Beanstalk). Side note: panto is short for pantomime, and pantos are meant for younger kids. They're traditionally done over Christmastime. Our theatre hires professional actors for the main roles and also has the same number of teenagers and kind of takes them under their wings and pays for them to join the actors equity union (all actors are in the union here) and nurtures them.

That's all I have time for now - I'll update again soon!