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NCAA Approves Increase in Athletic Fincial-Aid

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The Division I Board of Directors approved a plan that could increase aid for students on full athletic scholarships up to an extra $2,000 on Thursday.

NCAA President Mark Emmert said that student athletes have limited time to work and also that the current model for athletic scholarships has not changed in the past 40 year, reported the Minnesota Daily.

Also included in the plan are new rules that will hold universities and teams to higher academic standards in order to remain eligible for postseason play.

Some of the new rules will include an Academic Progress Rate of 930 and a Graduation Success Rate of 50 percent.

"We understand the situation of our student-athletes," Penn State President Graham Spanier told Foxsports.com. "This isn't about paying student-athletes, but it is about being fair and recognizing that in Division I it ought to be important to meet this need."




Suicide Bomber with Minnesota Ties

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A man who killed at least 10 people in a suicide bombing attack in Mogadishu, Somalia Saturday may have grown up in Minnesota.

Omar Jamal, first secretary of the Somali mission to the United Nations, said that he's heard from five community members who have listened to the tape and identified the man as 22-year-old Abdisalan Ali, a Minnesotan whose been missing since fall 2008 reported the Star Tribune.

Osman Ahmed is one of the community members who identified Ali. Ahmed says he met Ali at a high school graduation over three years ago.

"Immediately, I recognized his voice," said Ahmed.

Ali is believed to have been a University of Minnesota in 2007 reports the Pioneer Press.




Floyd Stays Another Year

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In similar fashion to the 2010 victory over Iowa, the Minnesota Gopher football team upset the visiting Hawkeyes and claimed the Floyd of Rosedale Trophy for another year Saturday.

"I am happy for the state of Minnesota, the administration, the fans, but most importantly, I am happy for our kids," Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill told the Minnesota Daily. "It is great to see them smile and have a good time. Floyd will be staying in Minnesota for a while."

The Gophers came from behind in the fourth quarter to pull out the 22-21 victory.

In one of the biggest game changing moments Kill called for an on-side kick which the Gophers managed to recover giving them the ball back.

"We've been practicing that since fall camp. I knew there was going to be a moment where we called it," Kim Royston told Star Tribute. "I had no doubt that I was going to get the ball."

The Gopher offense took over after the recovered kick and went on to score the go-ahead touchdown.




Northeast Storm Leaves Many Powerless

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After a rare October storm thousands of people are left without power across the east coast.

"It's too scary -- the windows are rattling too loud," Sophia Band, 6, told MSNBC.com.

The power outages included 287,943 customers reported by Connecticut Light and Power; 200,000 by PSE&G in New Jersey; more than 300,000 by First Energy in Pennsylvania and New Jersey; more than 50,000 by Consolidated Edison in New York and more than 66,000 by Allegheny Power in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia reported Reuters.

The Northeast saw snowfall as high as 31.4 inches in Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

Officials say it will take days to restore power to residents.




Peru Earthquake

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A 6.9-magnitude earthquake left many homes destroyed and people displaced in Lima, Peru Friday.

Peruvian authorities say that 103 people were treated for injuries and 134 homes were destroyed, reported MSNBC.com .

It is estimated that nearly 1,220 people either lost their homes or are facing major property damage said The Washington Post .

In addition, the 18th century cathedral of the provincial capital of Ica collapsed in the earthquake.

There have been at least nine after shocks since the initial Friday earthquake.





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