Kevin Kling

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After an accident that almost took Kevin Kling's life he has made it back to the stage and released a book.

Kling is a story-teller from Osseo, Minn., who has always had a way with entertaining people.

"He's profound in the way he combines a natural genius sense of observation and humor with a real understanding of what it is to struggle, as he's had to do all his life," Joe Dowling, director of the Guthrie Theater, told the Star Tribune.

Kling was in a motocycle accident that left his right arm paralyzed, leaving his already injuried left arm to do all the work. He was born with his left arm shortened and with no thumb or wrist.

In addition, Kling was also born with a heart murmur. But he doesn't let that stop him, he's run the Grandma's Marathon seven times for starts reports the Star Tribune.

Kling attended Gustavus Adolphus College where he "took over" the theater department and perfected his craft of story-telling.

He tells stories about his life and adventures in Minnesota and why he loves the state.

Kling released his book, "The Dog Says How" which is a collection of these stories.

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