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Animal Shelter Facing Closure

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Windmill pet store is a small, and the only, store in the town of Elko New Market that has been around for 20 years.

However, owner Toni Maat may have to close the doors and say goodbye to her lives work. Windmill is not pulling in enough profit and Maat is running out of money of her own to keep things running.

Maat has helped over 2,000 animals find homes reports WCCO.

She is asking for donations and an awareness campaign has been started to get the word out about the pet store and the work it does. Maat is worried about what will happen to the animals if the store goes under.

Policies to Change After Science Accident

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After four junior high students were burned by a science accident gone wrong, Osseo is looking to change its policies for science experiments.

A flash fire involving methanol severely burned students when a demonstration went wrong.

Dan Neuberger, 15, was one of these students and is in the hospital with second degree burns.

Osseo has suspended various demonstrations and is looking at changed policies completely reports Kare 11.

Downtown Welcomes back the NBA

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Downtown businesses are relieved to welcome back the 2011 NBA basketball season.

Local businesses have been struggling to fill restaurants and shops as the NBA lock out continued through the beginning of December.

The NBA just agreed on a deal that could result in the season opening on Christmas day.

The Warehouse District Business Association says missed games result in one to two million dollars in lost economic impact reports Kare 11.

Athen's Citizens Hit the Streets

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In the wake of a new interim government Athen's residents took to the streets in protest.

The new government has been put in place to ensure Greece does not default on its loans and stays on track to meet the requirements set by its lenders reports

Citizens are upset because, as they say, not much has changed. A new budget is also set to be decided on in a few weeks. That budget is projected to cost tax payers billions of euros in new and raised taxes.

US Steps up Awarness for Piracy

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Homeland Security has started to crack down on websites and individuals who sell counterfeit merchandise across the country.

From luxury items to jewelry, dvd's, music and even medicine the counterfeiting world is more prevalent than ever.

Homeland Security has released new campaigns highlighting some of the problem that come with the counterfeiting business.

The government says that counterfeit merchandise and stolen intellectual property cost the economy 200 billion dollars each year reports MSNBC Today.

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