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Animal Shelter Facing Closure

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Windmill pet store is a small, and the only, store in the town of Elko New Market that has been around for 20 years.

However, owner Toni Maat may have to close the doors and say goodbye to her lives work. Windmill is not pulling in enough profit and Maat is running out of money of her own to keep things running.

Maat has helped over 2,000 animals find homes reports WCCO.

She is asking for donations and an awareness campaign has been started to get the word out about the pet store and the work it does. Maat is worried about what will happen to the animals if the store goes under.

"Magical" Cruises

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James Lileks from the Star Tribune shares his story about a recent cruise aboard the Disney Cruse ship, The Magic.

"There was a moment when the poolside noise level was enough to make Davy Jones swim up to the surface and tell us to hold it down, but Davy Jones was actually at the party. At least everyone went quiet when the ship launched the fireworks. Yes, fireworks," he writes.

Lileks writes about his experience on the ship while critiquing all aspects of the cruise.

The Magic is 964 feet long, holds 2,400 passengers and 94,297 crew members reports Lileks. He also says that the ship is one of the most elegant ships he's ever been on.

Turkey Prices

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It will cost a bit more to put the turkey dinner on the table this Thanksgiving reports

The American Farm Bureau Federation released that the average cost for a turkey dinner and all the normal sides will rise about 13 percent this year reported

The price for frozen turkeys has risen to $1.09 a pound according to

"The fundamental reason why you're seeing record-high turkey prices is the fact we're seeing record-high costs of raising turkeys," said Tom Elam, president of FarmEcon LL.

Andy Rooney Bows Out

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Andy Rooney, 92, died Friday of complications following a minor surgery.

It's hard to imagine not having Andy around. He loved his life and he lived it on his own terms. We will miss him very much," said Jeff Fager, the executive producer of "60 Minutes" and chairman of CBS News.

"The reason Andy Rooney's death matters is less about the man, and more about the substance of the profession he represents," wrote Gayle Falkenthal of The Washington Times. "Rooney proved that words still matter, and that writing with skill and elegance still matters. The story matters, and the story prevails."

Rooney never finished his college degree and spent over 60 years working for CBS.

30 of those years were spent producing and writing for the show before moving infront of the camera. The role as on-air personality was something he said he never was fully comfortable filling.

Rooney is widely considered one of the greatest story-tellers of our time.

NCAA Approves Increase in Athletic Fincial-Aid

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The Division I Board of Directors approved a plan that could increase aid for students on full athletic scholarships up to an extra $2,000 on Thursday.

NCAA President Mark Emmert said that student athletes have limited time to work and also that the current model for athletic scholarships has not changed in the past 40 year, reported the Minnesota Daily.

Also included in the plan are new rules that will hold universities and teams to higher academic standards in order to remain eligible for postseason play.

Some of the new rules will include an Academic Progress Rate of 930 and a Graduation Success Rate of 50 percent.

"We understand the situation of our student-athletes," Penn State President Graham Spanier told "This isn't about paying student-athletes, but it is about being fair and recognizing that in Division I it ought to be important to meet this need."


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