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Athen's Citizens Hit the Streets

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In the wake of a new interim government Athen's residents took to the streets in protest.

The new government has been put in place to ensure Greece does not default on its loans and stays on track to meet the requirements set by its lenders reports

Citizens are upset because, as they say, not much has changed. A new budget is also set to be decided on in a few weeks. That budget is projected to cost tax payers billions of euros in new and raised taxes.

Egyptian Protesters Flee

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Army and police forces marched into Cairo's Tahrir Square Sunday spraying tear gas in an attempt to clear protestors.

Four people died in the square as police were seen beating and arresting people reported

The protesters are out in the streets and upset about the military. They are demanding that the military "announce a date for the handover of power to a civilian government" reports

They have been throwing Molotov cocktails, rocks and setting fire to police vehicles. At least 1,114 people have been injured.

China's Imports Increase

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While China's imports rapidly increases it's export rate slows just as quickly.

Chinese President Hu Jintao announced that China's total imports would exceed $8 trillion in five years last Friday, according to the Bloomberg Businessweek. This comes as a result of the country focusing on expanding domestic demand.

Compared to a year ago, China's imports rose 28.7 percent in October while growth of export stayed consistent.

The increase in imports could also reflect China shocking up on crude oil, copper and other commodities in light of recent price changes.

China's exports to the United States increased 11 percent from 10 percent while exports to Europe decreased 7.5 percent from 9.8 percent in September according to the New York Times.

Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs died at the age of 56 after a long-term battle with pancreatic cancer.

Jobs was the founder and CEO of Apple Inc.

"The world is immeasurably better because of Steve," said Apple.

Job was a visionary who changed the entire face of the technological world as we know it.

And ever since he was young Jobs enjoyed exploring technologies and pushing its limits. At age 13, he called the head of HP and persuaded him to give Jobs free computer chips reported

"In a career spanning four decades, Jobs revolutionized computers and animated the movie and music industry while turning his personality into a business philosophy which is praised and worshiped by fans, entrepreneurs and political figures around the world," said

Jobs influence will forever be felt across the planet and forever effect the industry he helped create.

Peru Earthquake

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A 6.9-magnitude earthquake left many homes destroyed and people displaced in Lima, Peru Friday.

Peruvian authorities say that 103 people were treated for injuries and 134 homes were destroyed, reported .

It is estimated that nearly 1,220 people either lost their homes or are facing major property damage said The Washington Post .

In addition, the 18th century cathedral of the provincial capital of Ica collapsed in the earthquake.

There have been at least nine after shocks since the initial Friday earthquake.



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