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Policies to Change After Science Accident

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After four junior high students were burned by a science accident gone wrong, Osseo is looking to change its policies for science experiments.

A flash fire involving methanol severely burned students when a demonstration went wrong.

Dan Neuberger, 15, was one of these students and is in the hospital with second degree burns.

Osseo has suspended various demonstrations and is looking at changed policies completely reports Kare 11.

Downtown Welcomes back the NBA

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Downtown businesses are relieved to welcome back the 2011 NBA basketball season.

Local businesses have been struggling to fill restaurants and shops as the NBA lock out continued through the beginning of December.

The NBA just agreed on a deal that could result in the season opening on Christmas day.

The Warehouse District Business Association says missed games result in one to two million dollars in lost economic impact reports Kare 11.

Izzy's Expands

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A favorite local St. Paul ice cream shop is looking to expand its business into Minneapolis.

"It's important for us to have a presence in both cities," owner Jeff Sommers told the Star Tribune. "We are very optimistic and excited and hopeful. We think it will be a beautiful place to make ice cream."

Izzy's was founded in 2000 and Sommer and co-owner Lara Hammel. The business's success has resulted in the current space becoming cramped and the owners looking to open another, bigger store.

They hope to have the new store open by 2013.

17 Arson Fires

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Scene: "Shawn Junjak spent Friday afternoon raking leaves with his 3- and 4-year-old daughters, then stuffing the leaves in three garbage bags that he set behind his garage in south Minneapolis.

At 10:45 p.m., his phone rang with a call from his neighbor: His garage was engulfed in flames, apparently because someone had set the leaves on fire."


On Friday night 17 fires were set within a four hour period in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis.

There were no injuries and no one has been arrested yet reports the Star Tribune.

Most of the fires were set in garages and vehicles but some were also set in dumpsters and to retaining wall reported the Pioneer Press.

The Longfellow neighborhood has been seeing an increase in crime since the summer.

"We've always enjoyed our neighborhood," Shelly Junjak told the Star Tribune. "We're hoping it's just a couple of kids who are just misguided."

Marriage Amendant

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Minnesotans are equally divided over whether an amendment should be added to the state Constitution which defines marriage as an act between a man and woman according to a Star Tribune poll.

According to the poll, 48 percent of Minnesotans favor the amendment while 43 percent oppose it.

The poll also found that more men support the amendment compared to women. Fifty-two percent of men agree that marriage should only be recognized with heterosexual couple while only 45 percent of women share the same view.

"I like to think of Minnesota as being more open-minded," Christina Edstrom, 28, of St. Louis Park told the Star Tribune.

The Star Tribune polled 807 adults across the state and has a margin of error of 4.4 percent.

Dayton's Ratings

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Dayton has managed to gain a 52 percent approval rating according to a new new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll.

"They're definitely better than I would have expected, given the controversies of the year, from the budget impasse and the shutdown," Dayton said

Though Dayton holds a high rating his disapproval rating increased after the shutdown. Originally at 20 percent it increased to 31 percent while the no opinion category shrank to 17 percent from the 20 percent MinnPost reported.

The Star Tribune poll interviewed 807 Minnesota adults statewide and has a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points.

Kevin Kling

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After an accident that almost took Kevin Kling's life he has made it back to the stage and released a book.

Kling is a story-teller from Osseo, Minn., who has always had a way with entertaining people.

"He's profound in the way he combines a natural genius sense of observation and humor with a real understanding of what it is to struggle, as he's had to do all his life," Joe Dowling, director of the Guthrie Theater, told the Star Tribune.

Kling was in a motocycle accident that left his right arm paralyzed, leaving his already injuried left arm to do all the work. He was born with his left arm shortened and with no thumb or wrist.

In addition, Kling was also born with a heart murmur. But he doesn't let that stop him, he's run the Grandma's Marathon seven times for starts reports the Star Tribune.

Kling attended Gustavus Adolphus College where he "took over" the theater department and perfected his craft of story-telling.

He tells stories about his life and adventures in Minnesota and why he loves the state.

Kling released his book, "The Dog Says How" which is a collection of these stories.

11-year-old College Kid?

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The University of Minnesota is playing host to an 11-year-old student PSEO student this fall.

Lucas Kramer is finishing up high school while taking various science courses at the U and could have his doctorate degree before age 18 reports The Minnesota Daily.

Kramer has been homeschooled since he was 7-years-old.

"Lucas could identify letters by 7 or 8 months, read three-letter words before age 2 and read college-level books before age 5," said Kramer's mother Angela Kramer.

Angela Kramer attends every class with her son at the University and enjoys watching Lucas help the others students with their work.

Lucas Kramer plans to major in either chemical engineering or material science.

And eventually wants to attend the St. Paul Seminary at the University of St. Thomas to become a priest once he is old enough.

Suicide Bomber with Minnesota Ties

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A man who killed at least 10 people in a suicide bombing attack in Mogadishu, Somalia Saturday may have grown up in Minnesota.

Omar Jamal, first secretary of the Somali mission to the United Nations, said that he's heard from five community members who have listened to the tape and identified the man as 22-year-old Abdisalan Ali, a Minnesotan whose been missing since fall 2008 reported the Star Tribune.

Osman Ahmed is one of the community members who identified Ali. Ahmed says he met Ali at a high school graduation over three years ago.

"Immediately, I recognized his voice," said Ahmed.

Ali is believed to have been a University of Minnesota in 2007 reports the Pioneer Press.


Floyd Stays Another Year

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In similar fashion to the 2010 victory over Iowa, the Minnesota Gopher football team upset the visiting Hawkeyes and claimed the Floyd of Rosedale Trophy for another year Saturday.

"I am happy for the state of Minnesota, the administration, the fans, but most importantly, I am happy for our kids," Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill told the Minnesota Daily. "It is great to see them smile and have a good time. Floyd will be staying in Minnesota for a while."

The Gophers came from behind in the fourth quarter to pull out the 22-21 victory.

In one of the biggest game changing moments Kill called for an on-side kick which the Gophers managed to recover giving them the ball back.

"We've been practicing that since fall camp. I knew there was going to be a moment where we called it," Kim Royston told Star Tribute. "I had no doubt that I was going to get the ball."

The Gopher offense took over after the recovered kick and went on to score the go-ahead touchdown.


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