MSP International Film Festival

You'd think that three of the Twin Cities' most comprehensive news websites would have timely and thorough coverage of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival, considering how it is one of the nation's largest festivals of its kind, showing around 200 independent and international films.

However, this is not the case.

The Star Tribune, City Pages, and Daily Planet websites all disappoint with their coverage of the festival. One factor that is likely influencing the measly coverage is the fact that the festival's official website is down.

The Star Tribune lacks a page devoted specifically to the schedule for the festival, instead offering articles regarding aspects of the festival, like the crash. It does, however, contain a link to an extensive guide to the festival, complete with quick and easy information, plenty of hyperlinks, small bites of information, and lots of bullet points, courtesy of

City Pages does well by offering quick and easy information in their limited coverage of the festival. They provide a hyperlink and advise those who are interested to click for more.

As of today, the Daily Planet's covering of the festival is minimal, with a hyperlink to the official page. However, they do advertise future stories in the form of a webpage for each film.

Coverage of the festival thus far has been scarce, but hopefully with its progression these local media sites will provide interactive, concise, and easy to follow (think bullet points or lists) information regarding this notable event.

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