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Batman, society and queer's

Holy Homosexuality Batman is a ridiculous and absurd article that has definitely has to reconsider what is has just stated. The reader has over analyzed the movie way too much going off basic and simple examples considering that batman and robin are flaming homosexuals. I am not sure if Freya Johnson just hated the movie but maybe he was just trying to find some sort of excuse to blame his lack of excitement from the batman movie. So instead of claiming it as a horrible movie he claimed that most of the characters were gay. The examples of batman and robin being partners with various scenes could be considered or taken any way. Johnson over exploits these scenes and claims gay-ness in very spot possible. Now that I think of it I still cant tell if Johnson supports the movie, not really telling us how their gayness is a good or bad thing. Maybe Johnson can consider and put this movie in with other famous gay romantic movies, but for the general public I don’t think it will be seen in that sense. The last issue of capitalism and homosexuality has stated in a weak sense too. This theory isn’t supported that much on this one opinion and theory that Batman is in fact actually gay. I say scrap the article and never let it be seen by the general public because there is no chance that this issue could be taken seriously.
Society’s need for a queer solution shows us how homosexuality’s image has grown more and more over the years, but the way that it is accepted has still not changed a whole lot. It talks about how gay people are trying to blend in with normal society even though there are certain parts of life where gay will respond and act differently than hetero’s. Now more recently shows have been developed on TV where people can be openly gay and base their show around being gay. It has become ok to be gay and accepted in some places, however there is still a large portion of society that disagrees strongly with this newer trend of being homosexual. Gay’s can be normal and act like everyone else, like the article said they are diverse like everyone else. I think that new current shows that have been supporting being gay are teaching people that have just come out or are still confused about there sexuality how to act. They are different so they will need to behave in a different way, but that is unknown to certain gay people and they must learn how to do it on a level that is accepted by society.