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July 17, 2007

Nickel and Dimed

The article that starts to describe the book nickel and dimed previews the long and hard working life of a white lower class woman that seems to barely make it month to month. As hard as she works and as smart as she is there is no climbing out of poverty, just no way. Because of poor education and random unluckiness of being born into a poor family she pretty much had no choice of being where she is today. A very intellectual woman positioned here, working over full time just trying to survive. Her calculations seem to just make it, giving her the essentials and a one person apartment. With no help with government aid, or sometimes a few food stamps be will just pay off everything will nothing to spare. She can spend no other money and this is why people in poverty cannot escape from poverty. It is mathematically impossible and really sad because sometime these people are working a lot harder than most of the population. It wasn’t there fault they car stuck in minimum wage jobs, it wasn’t our fault that our families where born rich, but that’s how the world works building the labor force with lower, middle, and upper class divisions. The ideal world would for everyone to be rich, not possible without poor people. How about if everyone was average? It will never happen. Barbara dreams of having that top shelf education and domination of her field of science and learning high level thinking. If only , in only a few things had been different, her whole world would not be a struggle and life would not be some complicated day to day, month to month, and year to year.

July 10, 2007

Smells like teen spirit, and Ice T

The article Smells Like Teen Spirit explains to us why a simple and underestimated song became a huge #1 selling hit in the early 90’s. The simple guitar chords and imput of drums and electric piano chords seemed like nothing special, especially with the lyrics of the song sung by Kurt Cobain. Most of the lyrics are slurred and nearly senseless as nobody can clearly make out what he was saying easily. At one point he yells and screams his words making his lyrics more clear that what he was saying earlier. The music changes up a bit too making the listeners focused and in tune with the song trying to understand what is going on. Confusion is exactly what the song is getting at and it fits perfectly with the time period that was happening in America. There was a high level of mixed emotions, confusion, and frustration that correlated from the song to the American people, the listeners. I like how the text describes the song in the way that it starts up simple and changes a lot confusing the listener while drawing their attention. They finally will understand the words, including “confused and contagious? as he screams out and the people begin to love the song as the emotion is powerful enough to attach is fans as it became one of the most popular hit singles of the early 90’s. Peoples emotions were released and vented, hopefully relaxing their minds after they had listened to this song. This was truly underestimated by music stations and the band itself, but something, something special and unique brought great feelings among the American people. It was a contagious song and people could not get rid of the disease of liking and listening to it for those years.

I would also just like to make a quick comment on the “cop killer? song written by Ice T. Written in the early 90’s where violent rap wasn’t highly accepted yet people became outraged for the lyrics and thought put into Ice T’s creation. “Nearly 60 percent of non-blacks said that they were angry (at Ice T) as opposed to 34 percent of blacks? Obviously their was some discrimination in the publics opinion and pressure as they yelled, complained, and appealed to what he created. Ice T eventually voluntary withdrew the song what went against everything that his song and meaning of emotions stood for. In order to try and save his image and not get assaulted by the haters of the song he had to nearly destroy his emotional creation and hide what really need to get out there. Complete ridicule at the time, now days it could possibly be a lot more accepted, maybe less hated.