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Genius Loci

My "family" room in Wauwatosa, WI. The name itself denotes the value of the room as much more than just another room in the house. The room serves two purposes because of its location. We have a very small kitchen; therefore, we have our kitchen table on the right side of the “family? room where we eat our meals. On the left side of the room, a stone fireplace serves as the foci for two large couches with luxurious blankets for a cold winter evening. Hard wood floors lay beneath the soft rug, which hosts the floor pillows as well as the bed for my dog, Bailey. Black and white photos intermingle with hand made art projects and line the ledge of the fireplace. Ansel Adams photographs cover the walls between windows, which provides the majority of the lighting for the room accompanying two or three dim lamps. The genius loci of the room seems to be the kitchen table, which serves to gather my large family together at the end of the day to enjoy not only our food, but each other’s company. Between the grains of the antique wooden table rests memories and laughter. I live with a family of seven; therefore, five children ate their first bites of food, had their first lick of ice cream, and spoke their first words around this table. The chairs provide a welcoming and communal atmosphere initiating conversation. The connotation for the word “home? seems to be in this room. No matter how far away I end up from this house, when returning to this room I will always feel a sense of belonging and happiness. Not only are the couches physically comforting, but also emotionally. Sitting around the fireplace with the people that I love the most replaces insecurities at that time in my life with an inexplicable ecstasy. Overall, the photos, homemade art, and Bailey’s bed integrate to give the room its essence.



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