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Gershenfeld and Kahn


While Gershenfeld discusses the complexity of objects creating other objects and the prediction of the creator being available to everyday consumers. He compares this producation to the human body itslef in order to demonstrate the reality of it. He describes the production of "fab labs" and the underground natue of them in order to inform the public of their possibility of existence. As technology progresses, they will become more previlant and less expensiv with their purpose to "make, measure, and modify the physical world of atoms as well as the virtual world of bits" (13); however, the only obstacle is the lack of knowledge that exists worldwide. While Gershenfeld encourages bringing the digital world to the physical world in which we live, Kahn encourages bringing ideas into reality thrugh our "desire for the yet not made" (230-231). This discussion provokes comparison of Gershenfeld's "fab labs" to Kahn's discussion about creating things. He describes building things as "corrective projects" (233) because one simply builds on anothers previous ideas. As technology progresses, people develop better/easier/more convenient ways to do and create things. Instead of building computers, Gershenfeld promotes the production of the personal fabricatiors that create them. Kahn similarly promotes the creation institutions such as universities. Instead of building ideas, Kahn promotes building the institutions which aid in invoking those ideas (i.e. uiversities). Finally, these two readings can be summed up through Kahn's words "a mind capable of realization can inspire a technology, and humiliate the current one" (234).

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