Lung Association Poll: Another Attempt to Influence Public Opinion in the Guise of Reporting It

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I really enjoyed this article. The American Lung Association is called out for SUGing. They released a survey to the public asking them their opinion about air pollution. The poll may have been useful for the American Lung Association if they had published this survey without leading question.

For example they used this leading question: "As you may know, the EPA is proposing to update air pollution standards by placing stricter limits on the amount of fine particles, also called "soot," that power plants, oil refineries and other industrial facilities can release. Do you favor or oppose the EPA setting stricter limits on fine particles, also called "soot?" They then took the results saying people are in favor of taking action now to place stricter limits. Since most people don't know about the pending revisions there is no way to say with confidence that the answers received are about placing stricter limits on pollution or if it just reflects people's attitudes about air pollution in general.

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