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In the Star Tribune article, "Man Gets Prison For Armed Holdups Of Three McDonald's In Minnesota", the author describes the violent background of the armed robber in an effort to give the story depth and the reader a better understanding of this certain criminal.

The author also describes the method and details of the three robberies, which gives the reader insight into the case.

The background information that the author provides gives another layer to the story that turns the article into an above average one.

In the ESPN article "Kansas City Chiefs' Jovan Belcher Kills Girlfriend, Himself", the author, Elizabeth Merrill, does a great job of including the most important facts at the beginning of the article. Her first couple of paragraphs are able to grab the reader's attention immediately.

Merrill does nice work by getting the player's background information, but it is lacking the reaction of someone that was close with Belcher. Many of the quotes are from people that hadn't spoken to him in a while or didn't get a lot of individual time with him.

Overall, the article had a good flow to it. It helped readers first understand the basis of the article and then it provided further information that gave the story more depth.

Analysis: U.S. Sailors Indicted On Charges Of Rape

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The CNN article written by Junko Ogura covers the the alleged rape of a Japanese by two U.S. soldiers.

Ogura does a nice job of starting the story with information that is straight to the point while also giving background information on the subject.

Further on in the article, Ogura describes the trend of violent crimes in Japan by Americans. This is an excellent way of showing that this incident is not isolated and that it is part of a trend.

Another good aspect of Ogura's reporting is her ability to portray the Japanese emotion in response to these incidents and the rising tensions between to two nations because of them.

The CNN article by Wayne Drash reports on the fatal stabbings of two children by their nanny.

What Drash does well is painting a picture of the tragic scene. The description of the mother's schedule before discovering her two children does an excellent job of providing a more intimate look at how the event unfolded.

Another aspect of this article that Drash did well was getting the perspectives of other mothers. This provides a sense of the effect that this tragedy has on the rest of society.

Analysis: "Boy Scouts release secret child abuse files"

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In the NBC article "Boy scouts release secret child abuse files", the author begins with the essential information. Miranda Leitsinger writes that files that have been kept secret for decades had been released. These files describe countless accusations of alleged sexual abuse by Scout leaders.

As the article progress, Leitsinger attorney reactions to the newly released files. She gives a perspective into the legal side of it, even writing about how it is not always easy to separate the legality and the morality of the situation.

The end of the article shows the Boy Scout organization's reaction and specified details about several accusations.

Analysis: Mom Who Glued Toddler's Hands Gets 99 Years

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In the NBC article "Mom who glued toddler's hands to wall gets 99-year sentence" the author does an excellent job of portraying the gruesome things done to this job and the monster that committed them. With quotations from the court case, the author describes the prosecution's strategy of recreating the situation where a small child was savagely beaten for potty training difficulties.

After giving the specific details of the case in the first half of the article, the author then goes into the history of the mother. He describes a troubled past and abuse of drugs and alcohol that very well could have led to this tragedy.

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