May 5, 2008

Girl secretly gives birth, walks to hospital with baby attached

A girl in Long Beach, California secretly gave birth in her home, and then walked four blocks to a nearby hospital, with the baby still attached by its umbilical cord, according to CNN.
The baby boy was normal, Dr. Jose Perez said, director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. (CNN.)
CNN reports that the mother, Xochitl Parra, 17, said "I was just a little nervous," when her labor began.
The baby was 8 pounds, 3 ounces, she named him Alejandro, writes CNN.

Bus explodes near Shanghai

A bus exploded near Shanghai, China, killing three people Monday, according to a state run news agency, writes CNN.
The cause of the explosion was is not known, according to the Xinhua agency.
Firefighters estimated that about 50 passengers were on the bus when it exploded neas the Yangpu District, northeast of Shanghai, writes CNN.

5 arrested after shooting

An adult and four juveniles are in custody in connection with two shootings that injured two teenage boys in St. Paul, according to police.
The suspects were detained for for questioning after the police stopped their car after the shootings on Saturday, reports the Pioneer Press.
Charges could be filed as soon as Sunday according to police spokesman Peter Panos.
"We just don't know how many we will charge yet," Panos said. (Pioneer Press)
A fourteen year old boy was shot in the back and is in critical condition at Gilette Children's Hospital, in St. Paul. A 17-year-old boy was shot in the leg and was released Sunday from Regions Hospital, reports the Pioneer Press.
Police did not release their identities, but the 14-year-old is a student at Hazel Park Middle School, according to the Pioneer Press.

Man dies after police struggle.

A 21-year-old man died Sunday after a struggle with St. Paul police officers.
The police said the man was apparently suicidal and on a controlled substance,died Sunday morning being sprayed with a chemical irritant and being shot with a Taser gun in an attempt to calm him down, according to the Star Tribune..
Police were called to the Wheelock Ridge Villa apartment complex after about a suicide attempt in progress involving a controlled substance, writes the Star Tribune.
A 21-year-old man attacked two officers after they arrived and tried to calm him down, according to a news release from the St. Paul Police. (Star Tribune)
After failed attempts to control the man, an officer used a taser on him, and he became unresponsive, according to the Star Tribune.
Paramedics treated the man but he died on the scene. The officers were treated at Regions Medical Center and are now on paid administrative leave, reports the Star Tribune.

April 21, 2008

Tea in China

In Pu’er China, Yao Kunxue works at a tea plantation, where he grows what he calls industrial tea, but chooses not to drink it, reports the New York Times.
China’s southern Yunnan Province is the birthplace of tea according to anthropologists, it was the first place where humans discovered brewing tea and drinking it could be pleasant, writes the New York Times.
Tea farmers today preside over large plantations, but they prefer their tea leaves from local places, reports the New York Times.
The like it from wild leaves, and from ancient trees in the jungle.
“It has a fragrant smell,? Mr. Yao said of his favorite, harvested from trees at least a century old. “And when you swallow there’s a sweet aftertaste.?

Pope Benedict XVI visits New York

A crowd of nearly 60,000 people gathered at Yankee Stadium for a Sunday Mass, lead by Pope Benedict XVI on his first visit to the United States since becoming the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, reports the New York Times.
While on his six-day visit to the Untied States, visiting Washington and New York, the pope addressed worls issues, and voiced a deep shame over the child abuse scandal, writes the New York Times.
The pope blessed the site of the World Trade Center where over 2,700 people were killed in a terrorist attack in 2001, according to the New York Times.
CNN reports that the pope concluded his visit with an address, thanking Americans for their hospitality, and discussing worldwide “justice and peaceful coexistence.? (CNN)
"It has been a joy for me to witness the faith and devotion of the Catholic community here," the pontiff told a cheering crowd of more than 3,000 at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport on Sunday night. (CNN)

Wild lose in game six

In the Minnesota Wild’s final game Saturday night against the Colorado Avalanche, the Pioneer Press reports early distress followed by second-act revenge, to end in a painful defeat.
The Wild won the Northwest Division Championship, and home-ice advantage only to suffer the same first round playoff defeat as last season, according to the Pioneer Press.
The Wild dominated in game five only to lose in 3-2, game six should have been different.
The Wild’s Aaron Voros tied the score up during Saturday’s game six in Colorado, but ultimately the Wild could not beat Colorado’s goalie.
"In a series like this, a hot goalie can take you out, and I think that's what happened in this series," the Wild's Brian Rolston said. "It's definitely disappointing, but it wasn't like last year. We felt like we were in this one." (Pioneer Press)

Fernando Lugo elected Paraguay's president

A former Roman Catholic bishop was elected President in Asuncion, Paraguay, reports the New York Times.
Fernando Lugo was elected breaking a 62-year grip on the presidency by the ruling party there, according to the New York Times.
The former bishop resigned two years ago from the church in order to run for president. At 9 p.m. Sunday Lugo was leading with 41 percent of the vote, over Blanca Ovelar de Duarte, who represents the National Republican Association, known as the Colorado Party, writes the New York Times.
The BBC reports the same numbers, writing that Lugo has 41 percent of the vote, Duarte has 31 percent of the vote, and former army chief Lino Oviedo had 22 percent.
Lugo says he will bring land reform and help the marginalized, writes the BBC.
"I invite Paraguayans of all political types, even the ones who don't share our ideals, to help this country that was once great be great again," Lugo told the cheering crowd. (BBC)

Fire displaces 14 people in St. Paul

A 24-year-old man jumped from a second-story window early Sunday in order to escape a fire, reports the Star Tribune.
The man suffered only cuts, bruises, and an injured ankle in the jump, and was taken to Regions hospital, and 14 residents of the duplex were displaced in the fire, according to St. Paul fire marshal Steve Zaccard, writes the Star Tribune.
A 30-year-old man was rescued from the first floor of the duplex located at 716 Aurora Ave., and was administered CPR by firefighters and was later treated by Regions Hospital reports the Star Tribune.
The Pioneer Press reports that fire crews rushed to the house at 3:58 a.m. About eight crews with 30 firefighters were on the scene for about two hours, according to the Pioneer Press.
The fire caused $80,000 in damage, and is considered suspicious according to Zaccard, and remains under investigation, but he would not give any details, according to the Pioneer Press.

April 14, 2008

Analysis of Diversity Story

A report on CNN about a highway patrolman in Ohio who was photographed in a Klu Klux Klan costume who has been suspended without pay does not report anything more substansive than the basic story. It does not tell me a whole lot about any significant problem. It does basic reporting to tell the story and doesn’t do a whole lot more. The story tells me something I don’t know, but does not tell me anything particularly interesting. Zthe only thing the story might do is open up a conversation about how that type of situation might be dealt with. The story has quotes that help support it, but again not anything very helpful.

Johnny Depp in Wisconsin

Johnny Depp arrived in Oshkosh, Wis. Friday night to begin filming “Public Enemies,? according to the Star Tribune.
In the film Depp stars as bank robber John Dillinger, who was killed by FBI agents in 1935 in Chicago, writes the Star Tribune.
Oshkosh residents waited for hours to catch a glimpse of Depp. Filming was expected to last until morning, officials and actors on the set said it was one of few scenes in the film that needed to be filmed at night, writes the Star Tribune.
Filming is expected to start on Oshkosh’s Main Street area on Monday, and officials say they expect thousands of onlookers, according to the Star Tribune.

New Kenyan Prime Minister

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki named his rival Raila Odinga as the new Prime Minister in a power-sharing cabinet Sunday, according to the New York Times.
The naming of the coalition cabinet is supposed to help solve the east African nation’s “post-election unrest.? The unrest came in the form of an economic rebound and a bloody crisis, where 1,200 people died and 300,000 were uprooted, reports the New York Times.
"I want to thank you, my fellow Kenyans, for your tolerance and patience during this period," Kibaki said alongside Odinga, who had accused him of rigging his December 27 re-election. (New York Times)
The BBC News reports that 1,500 people died in the post election mayhem.
Two deputy prime ministers were named from Kibaki’s Party of National Unity – Uhuru Kenyatta, and from Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement Party – Musalia Mudavadi. Kenyatta is the son of Kenya’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta according to BBC News.

Heavy Security with Olympic Torch

The Olympic torch relay involved heavy security in San Francisco, and the threat of violent protests made officials make dramatic last-minute changes, according to CNN.
The plans involved a waterfront closing ceremony, which was abruptly canceled, writes CNN.
The torch’s path through the city was also changed and shortened to try to minimize the chances that protesters would affect the event, reported CNN.
Anti-Chinese protesters and Beijing supporters crowded the streets on the planned route, before the start of the relay, according to CNN.
The LA Times reports hundreds of protesters and supporters were present in Justin Herman Plaza where the closing ceremonies were scheduled to take place when the announcement was made that the torch would not be stopping at Justin Herman Plaza.
After the announcement was made the crowd groaned and a naked man appeared on the stage but was quickly removed by the police, reports the LA Times.
Many people had traveled as far away as the east coast to see the torch, "We are duped and are mad at the mayor," said Alice, a retired city employee. "They should have told us it was not coming." (LA Times)

Minn. Superdelegate backs Obama

One of Minnesota’s last uncommitted Democratic superdelegates has decided to back Barack Obama, according to the Star Tribune.
Nancy Larson, of Dassel, told the Associated Press she decided to support Obama because his campaign will bring new people into the political process. She believes he has the best chance of winning the election, according to the Star Tribune.
“It's looking more and more that the one person who can do it is Barack Obama," Larson said. (Star Tribune)
Larson said the choice wasn’t easy; she was lobbied by heavily by Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. Larson joins eight other Minnesota superdelegates who are supporting Obama, three are backing Clinton, according to the Star Tribune.
With Larson’s announcement Collin Peterson is the only uncommitted superdelegate in the state, reports the Star Tribune.

Ex - Gopher Football player on trial

The alleged rape victim in the trial of a former Gopher Football player Dominic Jones took the stand Monday, reports Fox Twin Cities.
Jones was charged in July with third-degree criminal sexual conduct against a “physically helpless? victim, writes Fox Twin Cities.
The victim said in her testimony that she knew that she was going to hang out with football players last April, and she knew she wouldn’t go home until the following day, reports Fox Twin Cities.
In cross examination from Jones’ attorney, Earl Gray, the victim said she lied to the police. She said she remembered meeting three other Gopher football players, but she said Monday that it was the first time she had seen Jones in person, according to Fox Twin Cities.
The Star Tribune reports that Jones is accused of raping the victim. In a 30-second video clip taken by former teammate Alex Daniels, Jones can be seen masturbating over the victim. According to the Star Tribune, the victim appeared unresponsive.
If convicted, Jones could face a maximum of 15 years in prison, according to Fox Twin Cities.