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Ex - Gopher Football player on trial

The alleged rape victim in the trial of a former Gopher Football player Dominic Jones took the stand Monday, reports Fox Twin Cities.
Jones was charged in July with third-degree criminal sexual conduct against a “physically helpless� victim, writes Fox Twin Cities.
The victim said in her testimony that she knew that she was going to hang out with football players last April, and she knew she wouldn’t go home until the following day, reports Fox Twin Cities.
In cross examination from Jones’ attorney, Earl Gray, the victim said she lied to the police. She said she remembered meeting three other Gopher football players, but she said Monday that it was the first time she had seen Jones in person, according to Fox Twin Cities.
The Star Tribune reports that Jones is accused of raping the victim. In a 30-second video clip taken by former teammate Alex Daniels, Jones can be seen masturbating over the victim. According to the Star Tribune, the victim appeared unresponsive.
If convicted, Jones could face a maximum of 15 years in prison, according to Fox Twin Cities.