October 30, 2005

Constraints, Constraints, Constraints...

Jillís hypertext essay talks about constraints and how they affect the original meaning behind something that is meant to be helpful.

Jill's Essay

That is how I see a blog about sports information starting and then becoming a problem.

In the field we are constrained by the university that you work for on what information that they want out about heir athletes. But if you did it on tips and advice they wouldnít have a problem with it.

But eventually I would see a problem occurring. That would be the interference of the NCAA or COSIDA, the Collegiate Sports Information Director of America organization.

Both of these entities like to come in and constrain what happens in the college sports world.

Recently COSIDA put forth an effort to make it so that media guides can only be 208 pages. While I personally think that this was a good thing because some guides were so hard to find information in that it was getting ridiculous, it is just a form of constraining what the field can do.

The NCAA is also known for trying to have their hands in everything. Starting in 2006 they are starting a rule that colleges can no longer have alcohol sold on the site of games. So now when you go to a hockey game at someplace like North Dakota or Wisconsin they wonít be able to sell beer.

I donít really understand why the NCAA has to be involved in this. It is not like it is being sold to the athletes or anyone underage. So why do they have to determine whether or not you sell alcohol?

This just goes to show that a sports information blog would start out as a good thing, but then after a while someone would step up and set constraints.

Posted by laje0007 at October 30, 2005 7:44 PM