October 30, 2005

Too much info...

Jill Walkerís site also talks about a fine line between having everyone that you will have viewing your site having access to all of your thoughts.

She didnít want her students to be able to view her pictures on Flicker so she removed the link from her site. If a sports information person had a site that was accessible to students and media you would not want them to know a lot of the information that you could and would probably want to put up.

For instance if you wanted it to be viewed by the media the thing that would drive them to it would be if you had interviews with athletes on it so they could find out more information about them to determine if they wanted to do a feature story or not. The problem with this is that you would have to make sure that it was kept within a certain range of information because you would not want some information out.

The purpose of a blog in my mind is to have an uncensored view of what is happening in your life or the area that you are interesting in and writing about. This is not what the university would want you to do with the student athletes lives. There are some things that you just have to keep to yourselves. We are there to help the media, but not to hand them scandalous stories.

The only way that I see a Sports Information blog working would be if it was for other sports information directors in the country. The blog could be used to help others with problems that they come up against or tips to help them with new areas that they find themselves in.

You could have an open forum that that would allow you to share tips and to ask statistical questions, but it would not be for much else.

Posted by laje0007 at October 30, 2005 7:46 PM