November 27, 2005

My First Thanksgiving...

Well I actually cooked for the first time this Thanksgiving and I am pleased to say that everyone survived and all the food tasted good.

The mashed potatoes were a little bland, but they were still good. I guess I didn't add enough salt when I was boiling them.

It was me and my landlord and my dad and stepmother. We had a 14 lbs turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, biscuts, stuffing, a salad, cranbarry sauce, and individual choclate pudding pies for desert.

We have enough food left over to feed me and Ken for about two weeks, but that's ok because turkey dinner is one of my favorite meals.

the most impressive thing about me cooking though is that I didn't manage to hurt myself in any way. I have a scratch on my left hand, but I don't know when or how I got that but it is too tiny to matter.

I managed to make it through the weekend as well since we had both hockeys and basketball at home on Friday and Saturday. I got "lucky enough" to get stuck at the DECC all day on Friday and Saturday for both of the hockey games.

At least those were interesting on Saturday (more about that in a latter blog).

So my first Thanksgiving on my own was a real good one, no grandparents complaing about how I eat my mashed potatoes with a fork in stead of a spoon (proper edicit) and not much time (about 2 hours) spent with family, going through those akward conservations. Overall all it was a great time and I'm glad that I took the opportunity to learn how to cook.

Posted by laje0007 at November 27, 2005 2:05 PM