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daily journal #2

as I have not yet decided on what I am going to specifically observe every day- I will continue to note odd things that occur during my day.

on Wednesday night at work, I observed that many different customers had strands of color in their hair... makes me wonder if there was something going on in town having to do with hair. I thought of making observations of customers every day, however, I do not work every day... maybe there will be a way for me to observe a common pedestrian every day ?

daily journal

memories from Tuesday the 27th
walk to school:
tripped on Snelling Ave

school: took a long nap between classes
no mail

walk home from school:
brought home blue stool , my shoe was untied and I tripped a second time but barley missed the ground

storytelling as design: images





Screen shot 2010-04-26 at 1.01.24 PM.png


Screen shot 2010-04-26 at 1.00.14 PM.png


storytelling as design: my hopes and dreams

My fellow classmates. As you may already know, I have chosen to create a booklet using Brief 1, on Travel. I will attempt to 'sell' my idea through a multi-media, aesthetically pleasing 8.5 x 3 book. Things I gathered from the reading assignment one were:
-TIMTOWTDI- there is more than one way to do it: meaning, if I create a solution to this brief, so will other people, and although our solutions will ultimately be different, we could both be effective in selling the idea
- I would also like to employ the KISS method, or keeping it simple stupid- method. In order to prevent my final design in not looking too busy, I will attempt to leave a lot of white space (or in this case, the color of the paper I am using) open.
- Rams' statement also struck a chord with me. (see pg 4 of 26) "simple is better than complicated"
-of course, using to the best of my ability different aspects of articulating design, is important !
From reading 2, or chapter 3:
-it's obvious I should be creating some type of grid that agrees with the space to ensure continuity
- column widths and font size play a huge part in getting the message across, no matter how subtle the chage
-Harry Beck's London Underground map is a beautifully engineered work of art !

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