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News flash, Damascus, Syria. President Asad has resigned.



I am thinking there is a Syrian-North Korean connection.

This resignation all be the playing out of what *didn't* actually play out the other month when Israel attacked a Syrian facility that was supposedly a nuclear site. Or perhaps this is the fallout from that event.

I actually even have evidence.

From today's Times of London:


Israelis hit Syrian ‘nuclear bomb plant’
ISRAEL’S top-secret air raid on Syria in September destroyed a bomb factory assembling warheads fuelled by North Korean plutonium, a leading Israeli nuclear expert has told The Sunday Times.

Professor Uzi Even of Tel Aviv University was one of the founders of the Israeli nuclear reactor at Dimona, the source of the Jewish state’s undeclared nuclear arsenal.

“I suspect that it was a plant for processing plutonium, namely, a factory for assembling the bomb,” he said. “I think the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] transferred to Syria weapons-grade plutonium in raw form, that is nuggets of easily transported metal in protective cans. I think the shaping and casting of the plutonium was supposed to be in Syria.”

Graham L
Dir. for EU/NATO Affairs