December 2, 2007

Message #11 -- received Dec. 2 4:37pm

News flash, Damascus, Syria. President Asad has resigned.

Message #10 -- received Dec 2 9:23am

South Korean News Agency reporting that car bomb was the work of North Korean Special Forces units. Speculates prelude to North Korean invasion.

December 1, 2007

Message # 9

NSC Message 9: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 17:02:21

A car bomb has exploded in Seoul, South Korea, killing the South Korean President. No claim of responsibility. South Korean cabinet is now meeting to discuss situation. ROK Armed Forces have been put on full alert.

Message # 8

NSC Message 8: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 11:35:56 Seismic sensors throughout Asia detected disturbance centered in mountainous region straddling the border between North Korea and China. Specially configured U.S. aircraft scheduled to fly mission off the coast of the Korean peninsula Sunday to sample for evidence of underground nuclear explosion.

Message #7

U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv reports Israeli government is planning a large-scale military operation in the West Bank in response to bus bombings. Expects tanks and armored personnel carriers to move into the area imminently.

November 30, 2007

Message #6

Embassy Moscow reports that President Putin told U.S. Ambassador that Russia has indications North Korea planning a large-scale military assault against the South within the next month. Putin told Ambassador Russia is doing everything it can to dissuade North Korea, including consultations with China.

Proposal to use blog to organize information and discussion

In this week before we meet in class for the crisis simulation, we obviously need to be organized. Dir. Gertz has gone into detail on this and I agree with him generally. I've gone ahead and added some things to the blog that will make it potentially a very useful tool for us during this week.

By using new posts for new substantial proposals and using comments on the blog posts like Steve's simulation messages for discussion, we can keep everything organized much better, I think, than using emails. Yay for categories!

  1. Categories (REMEMBER: you can assign any number of categories to a post)

    a. Crisis Simulation - Everything should be filed under this category that pertains to the alternate-reality of the crisis simulation scenario.

    b. Sub categories

    i. Notifications - the messages from Steve

    ii. Coordination - anything having to do with how we organize ourselves or connect with outside agencies, departments, and foreign entities

    iii. Analysis - well-informed and reasoned conjecture about what's going on in the simulation NOTE: IF THE CATEGORIES DO NOT SHOW UP LISTED UNDER A POST YOU JUST MADE, SAVE IT AGAIN AND THEY SHOULD APPEAR.

  2. Notifications - After you save a blog post, click on the "notifications" tab from the entry edit screen. Add in some extra text if you like, select EXCERPT or FULL TEXT, and hit SEND to send your post via email to the entire NSC Staff for the simulation, including Steve. Nifty huh?

If you don't have access to the blog, email me personally and I will make sure you get access. You get access by logging in with your x500 password after clicking on the large "Login to UThink with your x500 account" link at the top of the blog sidebar. If you have done this and don't see the National Security blog once you are in the system, email me and I will add your x500 account.

Message #5

CIA reports that a Jordanian insurgent captured last week in Iraq is reporting that the leadership of al Qaeda in Iraq – under heavy pressure by U.S. forces in Iraq – has relocated to Syria and is now coordinating attacks on U.S. and Iraqi forces from the Syrian side of the Syria – Iraq border. Separately, 8 members of Al Qaeda captured infiltrating across the Syrian border into Iraq by U.S. Army units.

Message #4

The Associated Press is reporting that four Israeli buses have been attacked on the West Bank by suicide bombers; at least fifty casualties.

Message #3

Embassy Moscow reports U.S. Ambassador being summoned to meeting with President Putin Friday afternoon. Subject not given.

Message #2

National Security Agency reports North Korean armed forces increasing alert levels; reservists being recalled; fuel being transported to front-line units.

Message #1

Over the next week, you will receive a series of “flash? messages from the White House Situation Room regarding events taking place around the world. I encourage you all to begin a discussion about what is happening, why it is happening, and what it may, or may not, mean. When we meet next Thursday night, you will assess the situation as NSC staff directors and formulate recommendations to the President.