October 20, 2007

IMF Reform Not Good Enough for US

US says IMF quota reform bid disappointing so far�|�Bonds News�|�

October 16, 2007

Column: Sun sets early on the American Century | comment | Sun sets early on the American Century

The disastrous outcome of the invasion and occupation of Iraq has caused a crisis in the power elite of the United States deeper than that resulting from defeat in Vietnam 30 years ago. Ironically, it is the very coalition of ultranationalists and neo-conservatives that coalesced in the 1970s, seeking to reverse the Vietnam syndrome, restore U.S. power and revive "the will to victory" that has caused the present crisis.

October 10, 2007

U.S. Affects a Strong Silence on its Weak Currency

U.S. Affects a Strong Silence on Its Weak Currency - New York Times Europeans miffed that U.S. is not reiterating its stance on a strong dollar as it plummets against Euro and other currencies.

October 7, 2007

"Should any American soldier be so base and infamous as to injure any [prisoner] ..."

The Daily Dish

Like we read in the containment document early on: America need only live up to its highest ideals and most dearly held values in order to succeed in this global struggle.

George does have it right. George Washington that is, who fought an existential, guerilla war against an unbeatable enemy, won over hearts and minds, and established a new nation... and he did it all without torturing a single redcoat (as far as we know).

September 29, 2007

EU Wheat Policy

BBC NEWS | The Reporters | Mark Mardell

Sorry I didn't post this when I saw it last week, I didn't think it was serious or important enough to warrant discussion in class. Still, it should help with the Info Memo.