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Some of the obituaries that I looked at were located in the Star Tribune. The ones I looked at took on a more feature based approach.
Of the pieces I took a look at, most of them used either good friends or fellow employees as sources.
These sources were especially useful if they had done something notable in their professional lives.
Overall I really think this style of obituary works. It is a runoff of the portraits of grief style of The New York Times.

Rescuers search for survivors of sunken South Korean Ship

Military divers have searched in vain for 46 marines missing since a South Korean ship exploded and sank near the tense maritime border with North Korea.
The cause of the explosion was unclear, but North Korea did not appear to be to blame, according to Fox News.
Divers tried numerous times to get to the wreckage with no success, according to MSNBC.
Rescue efforts Saturday were hampered by fierce waves and high winds.

Obama issues 15 recess appointments

President Barack Obama announced Saturday he would bypass a vacationing Senate and name 15 people to key administration jobs.
The move immediately deepened the gap between Democrats and Republicans after a lng hard battle over health care, according to Fox News.
Obama's appointments will take place through next week, allowing people to make the transition to their new jobs, according to MSNBC.
Obama had been on record as warning of recess appointments if the Senate didn't act.

321 civilians killed in 2009 massacre in Congo

At least 321 civilians were killed in a previously unreported massacre in Congo in late 2009.
New York-based Human Rights Watch said in its report released Saturday that at least 250 more people were taken by the Lord's Resistance Army rebels during the attack in the Makombo area of northeastern Congo, including no less than 80 children, according to Fox News.
The majority of those killed were men who were tied up, before being hacked to death with machetes, according to MSNBC.
The Lord's Resistance Army is considered one of Africa's most brutal rebel armies, and its leaders are the subject of an International Criminal Court arrest warrant.

Minnesota Democrats endorse challenger for Bachmann

Democrats Tarryl Clark and Maureen Reed face off Saturday for the Democratic party's backing to take on Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann.
Clark is considered the favorite, according to the Star Tribune. The state senator from St. Cloud has the backing of many unions who play a key role in the support of a Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party endorsement, according to the Pioneer Press.
Reed is a physician from Stillwater who has promised to run against Clark in the August primary.
Democrats have a tough road ahead in Minnesota's most conservative congressional district.

Family squabble leads to St. Paul fatal fire

A St. Paul man is suspected of setting a fire Thursday that killed his 2-year-old nephew and injured four others.
Neighbors and family members say Khairi Amil Coleman, 27, has a long history of damaging property, making threats and ignoring court orders to stay away from his victims, according to the Star Tribune.
Coleman got into a dispute Thursday with his brothers after which he started the fire which killed his 2-year-old nephew, according to the Pioneer Press.
Coleman was arrested at Regions Hospital as he tried to visit family members. He was taken to the Ramsey County Jail on suspicion of arson and homicide. No charges have been filed.

Avalanche kills 2, more missing

Avalanche kills 2, more missing
An avalanche struck an unsanctioned snowmobile rally in Canada's Rocky Mountians Saturday killing at least two, police said.
Rescuers sent helicopters over remote Boulder Mountain at daybreak Sunday to determine if conditions were safe for a full-scale ground search after operations were halted overnight when darkness fell, according to MSNBC.
Police also conducted a door-to-door search of housing in an attempt to get a handle on the number of those still missing, according to The New York Times.
30 people were injured, including one in critical condition and one in serious condition.

Strong earthquake rattles buildings in Japan

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit off the eastern coast of Japan on Sunday rattling buildings in Tokyo.
There was no report of casualties, only light damage in the nation's capital, according to MSNBC.
The quake hit at 5:08 p.m. and was felt most strongly in central Fukushima prefecture about 130 miles (210 kilometers) northeast of Tokyo, according to The New York Times.
The government said there was no danger of a tsunami, but that ocean levels may be unusually high for a while.

Review set over case of molester

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has ordered a review of the way the state handled a molesting case involving a man who is now charged with murdering one California teenager and is under investigation in another killing.
The order came a day after the Associated Press disclosed John Albert Gardner III could have been sent back to prison in 2007 for parole violations, according to Fox News.
Gardner, 30, has pleaded not guilty to the murder of 17-year-old Chelsea King in San Diego County, according to The New York Times.
The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has said it was trying to determine if actions regarding Gardner's parole were consistent with policy and law.

Crash leads to shots fired at Burnsville gas station

Shots were fired early Saturday at a Burnsville gas station after a crash, police said.
A Dodge Durango carrying two 15-year-old girls and a man crashed into another vehicle whose driver was pumping gas at a SuperAmerica station at County Roads 5 and 42 around 2:45 a.m., according to The Pioneer Press.
The 29-year-old man pumping gas allegedly pulled out a gun and shot more than a round into the Dodge Durango, according to the Star Tribune.
One of the girls in the Durango suffered mild injuries, and was taken to the hospital.

A Minneapolis man faces felony assault charges for allegedly assaulting the director of the Burnsville Athletic Association after a boy's basketball game on Feb 13, police said.
The Dakota County attorney's office charged Robin Johnson, 48, with two felonies -- first-degree and second-degree assault, according to the Star Tribune.
The assault took place on the Burnsville High School Gymnasium. According to charges, witnesses told Burnsville police that a man began taunting a player, who was later confirmed to be Johnson, according to The Pioneer Press.
After the game, Johnson approached the director, knocked his cell phone from his hand, and starting swinging at him.
Johnson has a long criminal history and was arrested at the scene by Burnsville police.

Speeches/ Meeting

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I took a look at a speech and the story which was written about that speech.
The story I looked at was on the speech we watched in class, when Michelle Obama spoke on the topic of childhood obesity.
The author took the main idea of the story to be the relationship between the first lady's childhood obesity initiative and the greater health care problem.
The story pretty much followed the same formula we learned in class. Every point had a quote which emphasized it and reinforced it.
The story also had a great kicker at the end.

Obama turns up heat on health bill

The debate over health care reform escalated Saturday, as President Obama urged Congress to act immediately.
In his weekly radio and internet address, the president turned up the heat on health insurers, some who he met with on Thursday, according to The New York Times.
Republicans, recognizing the public's mood, continued to blast Democrats for attempting to move forward on a proposal that would potentially reshape how all Americans receive health care, according to Fox News.
Democrats are considering using reconciliation to get the legislation across the goal line

Armed group storms poker game, runs away with jackpot

A heavily armed group stormed a poker tournament in a luxury hotel in
Berlin Saturday afternoon, and made off with the jackpot, police said.
Several participants involved in the tournament suffered minor injuries when they panicked and fled after the heist, according to Fox News.
Four robbers in disguises forced employees to hand over money, and then managed to escape, according to The New York Times.
It's unknown how much money the robbers got away with, police said.

2 men charged in shooting of Chicago family

Two men have been charged in the shooting deaths of three family members at a suburban Chicago home.
The DuPage County State's Attorney's office says Johnny Borizov hired Jacob Nodarse to commit the killings. They face murder and conspiracy charges, according to Fox News.
They're charged in the fatal shootings of 48-year-old Lori Kramer, 50-year-old Jeffrey Kramer and their 20-year-old son, according to The New York Times.
Prosecutors say Borizov is Angela's ex-boyfriend and the two were involved in a dirty custody battle.

House fire kills man in St. Cloud

A 42-year-old man died early Saturday morning after a fire swept through his house in St. Cloud.
Shortly after 6 a.m. firefighters responded to an alarm at a house on the city's south side, according to Star Tribune.
Authorities evacuated six people from the burning house and pronounced a man dead on the scene, according to the Pioneer Press.
Police say a preliminary investigation suggests the fire was not suspicious.

6-year-old struck and killed after walking onto I-35

A 6-year-old girl was killed Friday night after entering freeway traffic and being struck by a sports utility vehicle in Burnsville.
Kallie N. Palmer was playing with a group of children at a friend's house whose backyard overlooks Interstate 35, according to the Pioneer Press.
The girl lives a mile from where she was playing, close to McAndrews Road and north of the I-35 split, according to the Star Tribune.
Palmer was struck immediately upon entering the southbound lanes by an SUV driven by Melvin Janssen, 61, of Cold Spring, Minn., police said.

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