March 3, 2009

Site Studio Manager

Site Studio Manager would not show up when I went into contribution mode, until I removed my fragment containing the CSS for the U's new 960 templates. Not sure what's going on there, but it wasted half my day.

December 17, 2008

Vital addendum for UMContent

Before you open any templates, make sure you've gone in & turned off the "Apply automatic formatting" option.

If you don't, it will wreck your doctype & add extra spaces where you do not want them. And then you will cry.

December 15, 2008


Huzzah! The pages work!

The key to removing the main content's overlap of the footer:

Make sure the page has the proper XHTML doctype and add a clearing break in here:
<!--END MAIN CONTENT --><br class="clearfloat" />
</div><!--END BODY CONTAINER -->

Fighting bugs

We launched the FSCN website last week & things promptly broke. The right column was too narrow in IE & the center column often overlaps the footer in Firefox.

It's frustrating, since these were not issues when we used the exact same files on the dev server.

Things I have figured out today that have squashed the IE problems:
Changed the doctype for all pages to XHTML in the templates.

Went to View > Customize > Source View & unchecked "Apply automatic formatting"

Then deleted ALL extra space in the HTML in the header & breadcrumb area. Any black space in the HTML is getting included as space by IE, even though it should technically ignore it.

December 5, 2008

Note to self

Any image uploaded into UMContent seems to be converted to a .jpg, even if it is uploaded as a .gif. This can wreak havoc with your page if you don't remember to change the .gif to .jpg in your stylesheets.

Bit by bit

I am trying to edit my demo template for the new CFANS sites & UMContent is driving me crazy. Why does it seem to lose the association between images/css that I upload & the site? They will show up briefly in the Site Assets area, but vanish if I switch to another asset type.

December 4, 2008

Hello World!

I thought I'd start a blog to easily update people on the current state of the CFANS web world.

FSCN is our UMContent pilot project. The plan is for their new site to go live Dec. 12th. I've spent much of the past 2 weeks trouble-shooting all of the little things that have cropped up. It doesn't help that UMContent seems to spontaneously re-write the template code. Things that were working will suddenly break and we don't know why. I think we have most of the kinks worked out (for the FSCN site, at least) and will be ready to launch next week.

I'm starting to work on creating template fragments for the next batch of CFANS sites that will be moved into UMContent. The U is releasing new templates sometime in the next few months and we'll need to incorporate the revised headers & footers. Fortunately, I've been given a pre-release version of them so that I can start the design process. Eventually, all CFANS sites in UMContent will pull the global header & footer from a single file, which should make updating sites much easier than it's been in the past. I've had to update the header/footer on 100+ sites manually and it takes quite a while.

I'm also working on general template design for CFANS, since the U is switching to a new 960 pixel wide recommendation. (Most of our current sites are 760 pixels wide.)