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Analysis: Structure in a story on the Green Power Express

A story in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel about the proposal for a massive green power line across the Midwest opened with a standard lead. The monetary figures were in the lead, clearly stating the financial weight of the story.

The second paragraph explained which company had offered the plan and a little more about exactly what it is.

The story was broken into sections by sub-headings, which were carefully titled with generally positive terms: "Renewable energy" and "Power upgrades." Such a structure, which allowed for a more thorough explanation of the plan, could have been designed to inform readers who may not be able to quickly identify the factors in a green energy effort.

Clear statistics about costs are included early in the story. Key statistics of concern are repeated throughout the story, but the story generally consists of pieces that are held together in one spot per idea.

The story seems to be built by an introduction of the news - the proposal for a green power line - followed by analysis of major components of the proposal that may be of interest to those who would be affected by the project being considered, and those who have interest in the project and its planning process.