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Cease-fire in Pakistan

The Taliban in the Swat valley of Pakistan agreed Sunday to a 10-day cease-fire with the Pakistani army after over a year of fighting, BBC News reported.

Taliban leader Sufi Muhammad, who was released by the government just last year, had been in negotiations with the government of the Northwest Frontier Province, BBC News reported.

The agreement will include the implementation of Shariah, Islamic law, in the region. One component is that Islamic experts will join judges in carrying out decisions consistent with Shariah, the Globe and Mail reported.

President Asif Zardari expressed concern in an interview with CBS about the influence of the Taliban in Pakistan, the Globe and Mail reported.

One Pakistani analyst claimed the cease-fire was a "surrender," another interpreted it as indication of the country's failed legal system. But officials in the Northwest Frontier Province said the agreement is necessary for improvement of conditions in the region, the Globe and Mail reported.

Swat had formerly been a major tourist destination, BBC News reported.

A formal announcement of the agreement is expected Monday, the Globe and Mail reported.