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Green Power Express

A Michigan power company released plans on Monday for a $10-12 billion green power line that would span the Upper Midwest, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported.

ITC Holdings Corp. of Novi, Mich., said that its plans for the 3,000-mile Green Power Express are consistent with ideas expressed by President Barack Obama for harnessing of wind energy in the Midwest for transmission to densely populated areas, the Star Tribune reported.

ITC estimated that the project could save the equivalent of carbon emissions from several large coal-fired power plants, the Star Tribune reported.

The project is estimated to take around ten years to complete. ITC Chairman and CEO Joseph Welch said that the company hopes to have the Green Power Express built by 2020, the Journal-Sentinel reported.

There is some concern, at least in Wisconsin, that the proposed power lines would carry 765,000 volts of electricity, which is over twice the amount carried by Wisconsin's highest-voltage lines, the Journal-Sentinel reported.

ITC submitted an application on Monday to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and will probably need to have the project approved by the involved states, the Star Tribune reported.