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Pentagon reports unease over China's military

Concerns about China's military development highlighted the annual Defense Department report on China's military power, which was issued on Wednesday, the International Herald Tribune reported.

The report expressed concern about the lack of transparency regarding China's intentions for its growing military power, the Boston Globe reported.

Pentagon press secretary said the report was a call for stronger high-level relations with the Chinese, which were suspended last October, the International Herald Tribune reported. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said the report distorted the facts about China's People's Liberation Army.

The report also indicated an increase in the number of Chinese missiles opposite Taiwan, USA Today reported.

Earlier this month, there was a small incident between naval ships of China and the United States in the South China Sea, the Boston Globe reported.

While pointing out that China had the capacity to engage in short, intense conflicts along its borders, the report estimated that the PLA would be unable to sustain conflicts far from their border for several years, the International Herald Tribune reported.

The report did acknowledge that the PLA had contributed to international efforts of peacekeeping and humanitarian aid.