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Analysis: Story about experience of Somalis in the Twin Cities

A story by Minnesota Public Radio attempted to reveal how Somalis are thinking and feeling about the recent focus on their community in local and national headlines.

In a way, the story tried to tackle the issue of stereotypes surrounding Somalis. However, it was more about how Somalis feel about the stereotypes that seem to be emerging from stories about Somalis returning to their country to join militant groups, issues with money-wiring services, or Somali pirates.

The story includes brief perspectives from three different "everyday" Somalis. Allowing these people to share insight moves away from stereotypes.

Nothing in the story was too surprising, although the level of awareness among Somalis of their own social image is striking. They are concerned about how they are perceived in the larger community, and realize the effects on that situation brought about by the recent news surrounding Somalis.

This idea comes through from the quotes and ideas from the Somali sources. Because the story was for a radio broadcast, solid quotes needed to be built around, so the nature of the story forced the seeking-out of these relevant sources.

The most compelling story was from a young woman's personal story of harassment, which was critical to telling the story that Somalis have been treated differently (in a negative way) as a result of the recent news about Somalis.