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Memo: NSA director to head Cyber Command

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is expected to nominate the director of the National Security Agency as the head of the Pentagon's new Cyber Command, according to a draft memorandum, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Gates has chosen NSA Director and three-star Gen. Keith Alexander to lead cybersecurity operations, including addressing network threats and cyberwarfare, the Journal reported.

Acting senior director of cyberspace Melissa Hathaway, who is in charge of a 60-day review of cyberspace issues, said on Wednesday that the White House needed to take leadership in cyberspace security, the New York Times reported.

A bipartisan group of politicians, technologists, and other experts had said last year that a White House office overseeing cybersecurity issues was necessary, the Times reported.

Any announcement is expected to come after cybersecurity policy recommendations are released next week, the Journal reported.

Cyber Command will begin within U.S. Strategic Command, which currently handles Internet and networking security issues, the Journal reported.

The Cyber Command would open in October in Fort Meade, Md., the same place as NSA headquarters, the Journal reported.