Drunken man steals ambulance with patient inside

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that a drunken man stole an ambulance from a Wisconsin ski area with the patient inside.

Legislators face session fraught with peril

The Star Tribune reported Sunday that state legislators will face serious challenges when they return to the state Capitol for this year's legislative session, which begins this week. A top priority will be fixing a $1.2 billion state deficit in the coming year, which is likely to require deep cuts in state spending. Another priority is to reduce the state's high unemployment rate. This is also an important election year, which means legislators will need to craft their positions on these issues "as delicately as if they were defusing a bomb."

By offering a preview of the legislative session that begins this week, this story has immediacy. It also has impact and relevance for Star Tribune readers because it's about important decisions facing state legislators. The decisions they make are likely to have a deep impact on the state's future and on all of us who are residents. The story also discusses the conflicts that are likely to emerge between Democrats and Republicans, and between legislators and the governor, over these issues.

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