Haiti Red Cross Poster

This is the website of a red cross poster calling for money and supplies for the Haiti earthquake. It has agrey background with red lines intersecting to form a red grid, with spaces missing to form an X across the composition. This piece shows an interested color combination with the grey and red. First, this is not symbolic of the health, or symbolism of the red cross. The markings are scratched and almost vicious looking, as if they have been worn away. This goes with the overall theme of the Haiti disaster, attributing scratchy marks to the devastation that was caused and the wasting away of homes. The X however is very sublte and lends an almost confusinf aspect to the poster. If scene alone with the subtext below the poster, one would never know this was about Haiti or the red cross. Overall I think it an interesting concept where they tried to imply a dark and sad tone, but the message was lost.

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