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I have been putting much interest into the field of snowboarding and the demographics associated with this sport. Many of the riders on the snow hills appear to be ages 8-18 and in many cases, their equipment was supplied by a parent or by the rental shops. Considering the fact that snowboard technology is minute and hardly noticable expect to the trained eye, I have been studying the reasons behind the most popular brand's success. For women's boards, this seasons K2 Va Va Voom Rocker has been in high demand. This can be seen at

The first thing noticed here is the clashing colors, many of which we learned as budding art students, never to pair with eachother. In this case, K2 is breaking the rules from which we start our art education. The other main element is the activity and movement that is chaotic, flashy, and edgy. Against the white snow, these colors and movement would focus the eye on this board instead of anything else. There is no significant technology associated with this board except of the genious of its GD team. In general, women want to be noticed. They want the attention of men and women and desire to be both feminine and strong within the snowboarding world. This board is playing on both these desires.

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