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This article stressed the importance of 3D marketing for GD's particularly in book designs, billboards, and packaging. For their book designs, I found the example of the fabric design to be anything but inspirational. Fabric has the classic movement, depth, and texture, but texture has become a very cliche (in my opinion) excuse for these elements. Fabric is used in beginning drawing classes for this same purpose and the fact that it holds little central value for the book other than to enhance the GD's opinion of his own skills shows to me, a lack of creativity and innovation for the GD field. I feel that this movement is heading backwards instead of approaching the subjects and their clients with a fresh mind. However, the acid rain billboard in London was both captivating and interesting in the fact that is played upon the subject of the acid rain's actual presence within our world. This is what I would call "true" 3D art, in the fact that it creates a real presence within our consciousness. The type and materials were simple but the meaning behind it was what made this ad so ingenious.

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