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My historical setting will be pop art, more specifically using the dot approach for the background setting. I want to illustrate the main skype and verizon characters as flat, 2D characters with jarring colors, similar to Andy warhol. My goal for pop art is to use the sarcastic and condescending tones that this cultural art movement used in the 50s for their icons. It will be slightly mocking the fact that communication is no longer personal, but all technical and many people today remain uncomfortable having personal conversations without texting or some sort of technological way of speaking to one another.

In terms of a type face, I want a simple and readable text, probably without a serif, so that it has a very easy, airy tone to the piece. I don't want anything to appear formal or regulated, particularily because the skype logo is very simple and child-like.

Contemporary Design from History

This poster models the art nuvo style. It is a very flat, saturated color with outlines and no depth. It has loose form and is very 2D. The poster is for contemporary art show at a museum, so it is being used as an ad just like the art nuveo styles.

Poster Design


Melissa Lande
This piece contains the equation and factors of human life and how they can all be manifested to become "Forever United Together." The colored squares at the top of the piece are disgruntled, banging into each other, creating a conflict of space, shape, and color amongst each other. Yet as the color starts to soften, the blocks begin to gather space and equal opacities to each other. The more they exist harmoniously amongst their companions, they more they begin to fall into place inside the periodic table. This table symbolizes each quality essential to a peaceful world and how each quality is different, but each deserves an equal place in our lives. If this equality can be achieved, the world will become "Forever United Together."

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