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Tuesday Post Redue

I am changing my angle to detailing my experiences at work at the UMD's Dining Center. Today's biggest detail would be my nickname, The Ginger. The Ginger is a reference to a youtube video that Southpark made in a common parody. It details a redheaded boy raging about how he is tired of being made fun of for being a redhead and that he has a soul becauz he is christian. Considering I am made fun of, but in playful tones, I am going to work on The Ginger aspect of the word to create an image. Some words to remember:
The Ginger

Wednesday Post 2

Today at work I had an experience with cups. Yes, cups. As a busser today, I had to deal with hundreds of people leaving their plates, garbage, and spills across the entire dining room for me to clean up, despite the fact that they could do it themselves. Needless to say, I wasn't a happy camper. People find it amusing for some mysterious reason, to fill their cups with napkins and mashed up food to make it hard to clean and spills everywhere on the Dish room carts. So my word for this day will be cups and it will have a drastic angry surface, with a lot of tension within the word.

InDesign Museum Pic 1

Picture 2.png

Journal 1 (Tuesday)

Today my most dominating feature was a problem with my roomates and our future housing situation. It was tense, dramatic, prooving to be jagged relations. This problem between my 4 friends consumed basically all my thoughts so some possible brainstorming for icons would be:

I might try combining friendship and roomate to reiterize the connection between these two.

Ch. 4 Response

I have been working mostly with the grid structure on this product, utilizing the ratio 8:13 to emphasive the golden ratio. In this, I have created a composition with asymmetrical balance and heirachy from the use of white space and the dominating colors. Part of my piece consists of using colored blocks to created movement and an entrypoint for the viewer so that if they were to scan my piece, they would have the most important information directly at hand. There is a dual narrative occuring on the inside pages between reading the text and picking out the bolded message that will read "Love a Life of Art." The background is slightly complicated with the stripes of color but they take a backseat in the heirchacy with the white and gold text that draws the eye more than the color.

Ch 2 and 3 response

The methodology discussed in these two chapters begins with outlining the various forms of communicating through GD. Each includes different processes that affects the design of the product or the company itself. In my case, I am choosing to use a lateral thinking approach, as described in the readings as using side approaches and odd perspectives to achieve recognition. I want to incorporate this into my piece by designng a setting that manipulates foreground and background to move throughout the museum exhibitions, to fool the audience into a confused sense of either vewing the exhibit or being apart of it. I want this to illustrate the graphic depictions of the museum, as if all those that go to the museum will be transfered into another world. This fits with the veiwers "wants," rather than the vewier's needs.
In my piece, a grid will simnply be used to estbalish layout and form, rather than actually included within the design itself. The typestyles will be intellectually stereotypical, perhaps a type writer style, with serifs that don't include cursive font. In the ways of the Swiss, I want a simple, easy to read font that portrays the history of the museum itself.

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