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Hi Jen,
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Wednesday Post

This post is about the apron and the rest of our uniform that we are forced to wear. For me, the apron serves little purpose because they are a size Men's Large, whereas I am a woman's Small. Basically I drown within the fabric. The apron is always getting snagged, caught, dirtied, and torn up around all the equipment. I've even seen the apron ties get caught on fire. But for me and my curly, Ginger hair, my apron contrasts against the dark colors, getting me in trouble all the time for not having my hair properly secured.

Tuesday Post

The Expression "Dance Around the Clock" tonight has been a large occurance for me. The Dc is full of movement all the time. Basically it is a dance, where u coordinate around the students, your managers, and the equipment. You become so familiar with this that it becomes choreographed and natural for your muscle memory. In this, your work becomes your dance. And yet, all our work is constrained within the timelimits of the clock, which defines our success at the DC, as well as our financial livelyhood. Overall, it is a balance in these two that completes your success.

Monday Post

On Mondays we always clean the ice cream machines, which is a huge hassel because we have to drain the machine of a week's worth of ice cream build up, as well as desemble, clean, and build it back up before the students come in the next morning. This usually means more work for us, as well as staying later than our assigned departure schedules because of the difficult task. And the fact that this always occurs on Mondays usually makes the experience even crankier because no one wants there mondays to last longer than normal.

Sunday Post

Today's post is about money. Another big complaint is that the Dc costs from 7-9$ depending on the meal and that the meal quality isnt as good as the high price would suggest. It is all you can eat buffet, but some student do not take advantage of this, and so food consumption is highly affected by price. It is difficult as a worker to take these complaints because i can do nothing to help or change it, yet I experience the worst of the yelling and complaints.

Saturday Post

The salad bar is a big issue for the DC because it is the sole basis for all of the vegetarians and vegans at the school. This week they have been protesting and getting signed petitions for the DC to expand their vegan menu at the DC. What they dont understand is the political and economic problems would simulatneously occur. It is not a simple decision to just change the menu. It affects hundreds of people from the manufacturers to the auxilory staff at the DC.


Friday Post

Today I got yelled at for texting on my phone at work. It is a constant struggle to block students from their main source of communication and technology while at work since it has become such a standard piece of everyday life. I hardly think twice about using it, even at work because it is so natural. To exemplify this, im going to use a phone as an icon

Thursday Post

Today at the DC the most memorable moment dealt with macaroni and cheese. not only can this be used as a icon of food since that it our main purpose at the dc, but also it pertained to a messy food fight that occured between the cheese and my hair which, despite being tied up, somehow managed to penetrate the pasta. Unoftunitly for me, multiple bouts of laughter ensued, causing my levels of embarasment to reach a high for the day, which is a common occurance when serving food to thousands of freshman every day.

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