October 1, 2007

arms sales and very large numbers

In this New York Times article, the author, Thom Shanker, explains the basics of the global arms market. In order to deal with this subject effectively, he uses a couple of charts, and gives percentage estimates while talking about the billions of dollars spent on this industry, and which countries are making a killing. These percentages and charts make it much easier to get a handle on the issue for those people that have trouble visualizing in the billions.

September 24, 2007

Attribution Blog

Sarah Baxter, the Times of London's Washington correspondent makes what I consider to be appropriate use of an unnamed source in this article on a secret U.S. Air Force committee. In the article, it is clear that the source must be someone within the government whose career would be over if their identity were to be revealed. The information is slightly less reliable without an accountable source, but in this situation, it is probably ok.