December 8, 2006

Comparing the Uncomparable

After reading the two articles required to write this blog promt i came to the conclusion that i found really no relationships between the two articles. The fab lab article was very interesting to me so i will give my feelings on it. I think that the way the class shaped itsself contrary to how it was preplanned is quite funny. i know personally that i would take a class like that and the fact that they basically taught themselves and eachother was inovative. I know from experiance that sometimes learning from a peer is more effictive. What i also found interesting was that the inner city kids were also tackeling all the equiptment. Is this the new way of the future? students teaching themselves then teaching peers. Its alsmot like survival of the fittest in a way. People are learning what they need to know and passing it down so others can "survive" as well and keep passing information down. They also talked about machines making machines. I think that his is a dangerous concept personally. When machines can reproduce and pass knoledge on to one another can completly become a technopoly. but what i did like about the machines making machines is that its an efficient way to produce something. This can hurt the economy by eliminating jobs. Things will become so easy to "print" or produce that people will become the new typwriter, obsoleet.

November 27, 2006

The Attack of Technology

Technopolies. The name pretty much says it all, Technology and Monopolies. So what does it mean? Well what it means is the whole idea of technology acting as a monopolies over today’s society like Wal-Mart and star bucks are to Americas small businesses.
Technology is progressing and at the same time affecting our every day lives. It is making things easier but also making things harder. What does technology do for us in the long run? In some cases it takes human tasks and does them for us like calculators. With calculators there is no need to know arithmetic. Is this how we want the future to be? People relying on computers for example to run our lives. What will humans be doing? Watching the computers do everything for us so our lives can be care free and easy?
Computers are taking away jobs from hard working people. Factories are a good example. Computers are now running robots to create the good that we use every day. What used to be made by human hands is no longer being made that way. The human hands are not needed anymore so what are people supposed to do now? What has to be understood is that this overpowering technology force on society is part of nature.
It cannot be stopped because new technology is being created everyday to solve another problem that another technology has created.

November 8, 2006


When looking at how architecture relates to math, one main concept of math seems to stand out and that is geometry. Geometry plays an important role in architecture because with the use of shapes, designers can design unique buildings.
Domes have been around for centurys. For many, the break through of creating a semi sphere was phenominal. This connects with geometry because it resembles a sphere and also there are many half circles for archways around the building.
The Parthenon is another building that uses simple geometry in its design. Throughout the building there are many cilinders or columbs that was very popular in greek architecture. Also the building has other simple geometric figures such as the footpring of the building is a rectangle and the front of the roof is an isoceles triangle.
The Pentegon shows us a more comples shape for a building. It is rare to find this 5 sided shape protrayed as a buildings floorplan which makes it unique.
Last, the Stone Hedge uses the simplest forms of geometry to make a strong statement. This piece of land architecture was build using basic retangular cubes arranged in a circular pattern.
Shapes are everywhere and so is architecture so it is easy to relate them together.

October 23, 2006

Natural Oppositions

When looking at oppositions, there are numerous around the world. The one that I found myself thinking about the most was the opposition of man and land. Man and land are in this constant battle for total control and in the end I believe land always wins. Man always has to adapt to land for things to work. If there is a mountain and man wants to make a road go through the mountain, he has a few choices. Man can go around the mountain, go over the mountain or just cut through the mountain. To go through land instead around or over is always the biggest battle. This uses the most energy and resources but in mans journey to overcome land, sometimes he makes the sacrifice. Mountains are not the only thing that man has to overcome. Rivers, oceans, forests, canyons, hills and swamps are just a few more. To overcome these oppositions I feel that it is more important to cooperate with land
rather than fight it. It just seems more logical and economic to preserve land while overcoming it rather than changing it to suit mans needs.


Another opposition that sparked my thoughts was the opposition of climate and man. Again, nature always seems to win and man is forced to adapt the best he can. Man has built shelter to protect from wind, water and cold. The recent events in New Orleans are a good example of the opposition of man and climate. There is a simple solution to avoid floods and that is to not build below sea level. Yet there are more risky solutions that are not 100% reliable but it is an example of solving the problem. Build levies as they did or the buildings could have been built on stilts like many tropical buildings on the sea line are built. Barrier walls would also be a good solution.


Any opposition against nature is hard to overcome because nature is such a powerful force. It is best to make simple solutions and not to test nature because nature will always test you back.

October 11, 2006

The Phenomena of Fads

The phenomena that I found are fads. Fads will always be around in society. What people think is cool catches on and then everyone is into this new fad. Then fads usually ride themselves out until a new fad replaces an old fad. Te funny thing about fads are that they sometimes repeat themselves. They come and go and come again and go again. It is a never ending cycle. A example of fads are music types, such as the Beatles. They paved the way for pop music as we know it today. They hit hard and also brought many fads with them. Like all fads they were replaced by a different new and upcoming artist. Games such as Pokemon cards are another example of a fad. For the younger kids it was the hot thing to be apart of. It seemed like everyone was collecting Pokemon cards. Again, they eventually faded away when some other new game or toy came out. Style is another major player in fads. Celebrities influence styles and people catch on. Style fads tent to last a big longer than most fads.

October 4, 2006

My Special Place

A place that I find meaningful is Peninsula State Park in Door County Wisconsin. I have been going camping there since I was 6 months old. It has become a family tradition to go there every summer. My mom has been going there since she was a few years old as well. It is such a nice place to leave the normal busy day behind to enjoy nature and peace and quiet. Everyone that goes there is there for the same reason as you. It is just relaxing and peaceful to be there. The park itself is beautiful. Its right on lake Michigan and completely covered in forest. There are incredible bluffs and tons of wildlife. Even though I’ve been going there for 18 years in a row, I never get tired of seeing the place. I look forward to hiking year after year because I just enjoy being there. I hold the park deep in my heart and I hope I can pass its tradition on to my family someday. Its Genius Loci, or spirit, is just the tradition in my life and family. It’s a reminder of being close to my family and enjoying nature at its finest.





September 23, 2006


A social issue in the designed enviroment that i have noticed in the Minneapolis area is the placement of low income housing. What i have seen is that they concentrate all of the low income housing in certain areas of the city. I dont know if this is purposly done but they build an entire structure of those houses in a certain area. This is very beneficial to the community of lower class families that cannot afford regular housing but it also creates problems. By putting all of the lower class together, it raises the crime rate. Also it lowers the value of the property around such areas. I think the crime rate is the biggest problem within this design flaw. Most lower class people are usually uneducated and without work. Non working people tend to steal to survive. When you have a entire housing complex of people that are prone to stealing, the crime rate goes up. Also having a building full of lower class families with very little money, property value goes down in the surrounding area. This turns the surrounding areas into the so called bad parts of town. What i think should be done is there should be a mixture of low income housing and higher income housing in the same buildings. This would bring differant classes together and it would make the areas a better and more diverse area to live.

September 19, 2006

The Energy Core

As i sat at the mid town market i couldnt help but notice the diverseity of the vendors. There were many cultures represented at the global market. I saw alot of people comming together and sharing eachotheres ethnicity. It was a very empowering energy. I also noticed that it was a family place. Parents bringing their children shopping with them. this is very important to introduce cultural unity at a young age. I had trouble defining what energy is based on my observations at the market. I noticed so many good tings going on, so much openness to eachother i guess that would be considered energy. Everyone comming together. I dont think that the market is living up to its full potential though. I feel that more people should be taking advantage of what the market has to offer. i think bringing in more vendors and buyers would take the energy to the next level. it would bring more unity to the community and display a positive message to the rest of the metro area. There is such a variety of things that one can get at the midtown market. I really didnt investigate the prices that much but im sure that you can get a better deal buying things such as fresh vegtables there. Also there is nothing more satisfing then supporting your local producers. This is also benificial to the communities economic status. I would really like to visit the market again to see if there is a differant kind of energy on a differant day, or even differant season.