Assignment 2!


As in my last blog, I'll just start out by saying it. I love Christmas, so this post is full of Christmas. For this assignment, I wanted to get the creative juices flowing so I watched an episode of Community because that is one of the few shows that can make me laugh consistently.

Photo credit to NBC.

After a few good episodes of Community, I played some word association games with my friend. Considering that we were both Welcome Week Leaders so we love games similar to the improv games we played last Thursday and had a lot of fun with this. The main game that we played was a word association game, like we played in class last Tuesday.

Word Association.jpg

I then started thinking about winter. I started with winter in the middle and went a little crazy with all of the ideas that were coming. I began in my creativity journal and created this:

First Map.jpg

Considering this map was messy, I created another one that was much easier to read and understand. I ended up with about five "sub-categories" including, illness, sports, cold, snow, and Christmas. From these sub-categories, I branched out even more.

Winter Map.jpg

After this point in the assignment, I moved on to creating my ideas. From the word association game that my friend and I had played, I took some of the words to use as a variation of "Cross Products." This helped me get some perspective on how different things that I had come up with on my map could be combined with the words that my friend and I had said.

I love to ski, so the first idea that I came up with was "Draw-skis" which are snow skis (for either cross country skiing or downhill) that leave marks on the snow, enabling the skier to draw on the snow.
Theme: Snow Sports


The second idea that I came up with was a Musical Sled. This sled allows the rider to attach an iPod (that stays dry inside a compartment) to their sled and listen to music. Even though sledding generally occurs around Christmas, any other music can be played.
Theme: Snow Sports

Musical Sled.jpg

The next idea is scented Kleenex. A lot of people get sick during the winter and I thought of putting a peppermint scent on the Kleenex. Mint scents can be beneficial to colds and that is the purpose of this product idea.
Theme: Winter Illnesses

Holiday Scented Kleenex.jpg

Another idea that I came up with was simple, but very silly looking. I came up with a Silly Stocking, which is an elongated socking. It seems to fit into a cartoon world, but more presents can fit into it!
Theme: Christmas Accessories

Long Stocking.jpg

The next idea was collapsible cookie cutters. Cookie cutters take up a lot of space and the point of this product is to eliminate the amount of space used.
Theme: Christmas Accessories

Collapsible Cookie-Cutter.jpg

Another idea that I had was the Delightful Hat. This is a hat that has lights throughout it. It both provides light and Christmas spirit!
Theme: Christmas Accessories

DeLIGHTful Hat!.jpg

Hot chocolate is something that goes hand-in-hand with winter. The next idea is a Chocolate Icicle Stir-Stick. This product would be chocolate in the shape of an icicle that would be used to stir one's hot chocolate so that the chocolate would melt while it is being used; adding more flavor to the drink.
Theme: Christmas Accessories

Chocolate Icicle Stir Stick.jpg

The Santa Christmas Countdown Watch is a product that is a product that can be used year-round. This product is a Santa head on a watch that will talk to the owner and tell how many days until Christmas throughout the entire year.
Theme: Christmas Accessories

Santa Watch.jpg

The next idea was more of a practical one. It is a Heated Fishing Pole. This product would be beneficial for ice fishermen. A fishing pole can be hard to handle with gloves on and this pole would have a heated handle.
Theme: Snow Sports

Heated Fishing Pole.jpg

My last idea was my favorite. I created an Ornament Gun. This product is a fun way to decorate your tree very fast! The ornaments simply load into the gun and then they are shot at the tree.
Theme: Christmas Accessories

Ornament Gun.jpg

The three themes that I would like to explore more:
-Downhill skiing
-Christmas decorations
-Christmas Gift Giving


Overall, your post is very thorough and you have clear, colorful images.
You did a good job getting in the spirit of the assignment by watching TV and playing word games with your roommate. Here, you could have described the game you played in more detail. From the image you posted, it looks like you kept this game in perspective of the winter theme of the assignment, so you could have talked about that and whether or not it gave you ideas for your mind map.

With your silly ideas, again you could better describe how you came up with your ideas. You have good ideas, but they might be a little too practical. I like your last idea best (the ornament gun). I think you could have kept coming up with more ideas to get to some sillier ones. Like we talked about in class, you write down more generic ideas first and get to the more creative ones later, and this feels true for your 10 sketches.

Hello, the quality of your images are very nice, and the sketch quality is also very clean and easy to understand. I find it intriguing that you created a second mind map to expand the first. Another idea you could use in the future is to just add more sheets of paper around it as you need them, like a collage. This would save you some time and keep your creative energy flowing! I disagree with the prior post about the ideas being too practical. I think it is good for designers to be practical, as not everything absolutely needs to be radical.

Hi Taylor,

First - my last apology for posting late. I've been pretty sick and conked out last night early, unintentionally, and until early this morning. I hope these will be helpful.

Love, love, love how you approached the mind mapping portion! You show zest for exploring your creative side that is admirable (although restarting the mind map might have been a bit disruptive). Involving a friend and doing word associations seem very consistent with the intention of the exercise. I couldn't quite follow how the game worked, so perhaps that could have been expanded a bit?

I think your effort showed in your product development. Your ideas are well-detailed and clearly drawn. I can see 'appeal' in each of them - not bad for early sketches. :-) The draw skis idea could be very fun. (You may want to talk with Erin Kollmer who has something similar.) I'm not a skier, but I love snow angels and walking in the snow. I'm sure this could be adapted.

My personal favorite is the "DeLIGHTful Hat." My mom, who passed this summer would have been an early adapter for sure! Personalization (colors, designs, etc) could make this a hot item.

Good luck, Julie

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