Assignment 4: Brainstorming!


I kind of couldn't contain my happiness about this assignment when I was thinking about it last week. I had a lot of fun brainstorming in class and at Logic Product Design so I was very excited!

First off, I rounded five of my friends together to brainstorm! I really wanted to have a variety of people with different majors and different ages to see how each of them came up with ideas. Here's our lovely group! (P.S. They wanted me to use this picture because they thought it was funny...hehe.)


From left to right:
Lucas (Junior - Aerospace Engineering)
Myself (Junior - Communication Studies)
Alli (Junior - Architecture)
Dan (Senior - Biology)
Lizzie (Sophomore - Political Science and Communication Studies)

Here's our lovely fifth member! She had to leave early, so she wasn't there when we took the picture, but her and I went to the hockey game on Saturday night and took a picture so I've included that!

Hockey Game.jpg

Alyssa (Junior - Biology)

After some introductions, we moved onto the games! I started the group out with the game "Tigers and Bears" that we played in class. I thought this would be a great way to "wake up" their minds and get the creativity flowing! None of them had played it before and they had a really great time!

Next, we played a game that we were taught at HUGE Improv Theater. We played the "Box Game" where a person has a "box" with any item in it. They give this item to the person next to them and they decide what they want to do with it. They enjoyed this game as well because it was a group activity and we came up with some crazy ideas!

Lastly, we played a game that I made up. I generically call it "The Sentence Game." For this game, I wrote "I like __________ because _________" on the board. They each took two pieces of paper and filled in the blanks, making a logical sentence. For example, my sentence was "I like chickens because they are fat and feathery." We then created two piles, and everyone picked one from each pile. We then went around the circle and read the new sentences that we had made. This was a fun game to play because it was a bit calmer than "Tigers and Bears" but it was still fun and left everyone in a good mood. Some of the sentences that we ended up with were "I like sharks because they are fat and feathery" and "I like teeth because Christmas is awesome."

Now we jumped into the brainstorming!

Topic #1: How might we find the ideal Christmas gifts?
Group IPM: .66

I split the brainstorming up into two sections that were 10 minutes each. For the first part, they just took the prompt however they liked. For the second 10 minutes, I used the idea of "PROPS" from class. I gave them random objects (an umbrella, a ring, a coaster, a remote, etc) and from these items they created more ideas.

B. Session 1.jpg

The ideas!

B. Session 1 - Ideas.jpg

After the 20 minutes of brainstorming, they split their various ideas up into categories. The three categories they created were:

1. Things that assist in the process of coming up with an idea
2. Things that go get the gift
3. Things that sort gift ideas

B. Session 1 - Sorting - 3.jpg

After the sorting was complete they got to vote. They voted in a similar way that we did in class. They took their markers and marked the ideas with a smiley face (most desired by a customer), a dot (their personal favorite), and a star (most creative).

B. Session 1 - Voting.jpg

From this, we found the top 5 ideas:

1. Present Shoes: Dan
When this product is worn by the shopper, the shoes automatically take them to the desired gift for whomever they are shopping for.

Present Shoes.jpg

2. Hand-Notebook: Alli
This product is a notebook that is permanently attached to the gift giver's hand. This product builds off the idea that we generally are able to think of the "perfect" gift for someone but later we don't remember. With this product, the gift giver can write all of their ideas down!


3. Present Ex-change: Lizzie
This product is more for the receiver of the gift. If anyone receives a gif that they dislike, they simply put it in the Gift Ex-change and receive a gift they they desired originally.

Thumbnail image for Gift Ex-change.jpg

4. Present 'Poo: Dan
This product is shampoo that gives you gift ideas while you wash your hair in the shower.

Present 'Poo.jpg

5. Present Hat: Dan
This product is based off of the sorting hat from Harry Potter. When the gift giver wears the hat, he or she is told what to buy as gifts.

Present Hat.jpg

Topic #2: How might we stay within a budget during the Christmas season?
Group IPM: .61

The group went back to the table and began brainstorming again. I again split up the session into two, 10 minute sections. The first was again their original ideas, the second time I used the method of "rolestorming." I created a list on the board of some typical people (child, grandparent, parent, chef, soldier, worker, etc.) and also some fun people (Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Ironman, Batman, Spiderman, etc). From these personas, they were able to create some more ideas.

B. Session 2 - 2.jpg

B. Session 2 - Dan.jpg

The ideas!

B. Session 2 - Ideas 2.jpg

From the ideation, they once again put their ideas into categories. The categories were:
1. Disciplining items
2. Things that give money
3. Things that help you budget

B. Session 2 - Sorting.jpg

They once again voted the same way they did previously. They took their markers and marked the ideas with a smiley face (most desired by a customer), a dot (their personal favorite), and a star (most creative).

B. Session 2 - Voting.jpg

From this we found the top 5 ideas:

1. Savings -> Spending: Alli
This product takes part of your paycheck and puts part of it toward a Christmas Gift Giving bank account.

Savings -> Spending.jpg

2. Budget Elder Wand: Dan
This product is based off of the Elder Wand from Harry Potter. This product controls your spending and keeps you from buying products that you can't afford.

Budget Elder Wand.jpg

3. Budget Detectors: Alli
This product stays on the person at all times and serves as an "alarm" if they overspend.

Budget Detector.jpg

4. Money Watch: Lucas
This product enables the user to keep track of their spending and bank accounts on their watch. They can always have their accounts on hand!

Money Watch.jpg

5. Invisible Wallet: Alli
This product is also based off of Harry Potter. The wallet disappears if the user spends too much money. They can't spend more if they can't find it!

Invisible Wallet.jpg


Wow! You have a lot of pictures, and they are all very quality! I really liked your game and think that could be fun for a bigger gathering of friends just hanging out. Sounds enjoyable. Another huge plus for you is the IPM. 40 minutes and 5 or 6 people adding ideas is an awesome base for you to take ideas from.

My biggest concern is the ideas presented all seem a bit out of reach at the moment or more based on fictional situations. Hopefully you can take some of these ideas and put the essence into an innovative idea. I am thinking some sort of idea like the spending to savings you listed, where money goes into a specific account or 'gift card' of sorts, which then acts as a smart device to let you keep track of ideas and money spent. You have some options. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

I love the detailed documentation. You can really get a sense of the entire process from your post. It seems like you created a very fun and creative atmosphere and facilitated very effectively. The drawings posted all followed the guidelines perfectly. The only problem is that some of them are very hard to see, especially the ones drawn in a thinner pen or on that purple paper. The contrast could probably be improved in Photoshop, but perhaps just using brighter paper next time would be the easiest solution. I agree with fadne019 that a few of the ideas seemed a bit too fictional. I can see the elder wand budget controller working if it were some sort of Bluetooth thing which sync'd to a phone running google wallet or something (though in that case it could just be an app), but the disappearing wallet would be fairly hard to construct in our universe. Most of the ideas were really interesting though, and I think you should have a lot to go on for the next assignment!

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