Assignment 5!

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For this assignment, I started out thinking about my two how might we statements:

1. How might we find the ideal Christmas Gifts?
2. How might we stay within a budget during the Christmas season?

Now, my theme is Christmas gifts/gift giving. As seen above, my past assignments have been leaning more to the gift giving side of things so for this assignment, I decided to mix it up (It's also very difficult to pinpoint an object that fits into one of my statements and also gives the impression of Christmas gifts). I was hoping that by switching it up a little, I could possibly find some inspiration from both sides for some more ideas in the future. I chose an object that everyone associates with Christmas gifts, ribbons/bows.

I think that ribbons and bows are an important part of gift giving and we know that if not you, people in your family wear them after they open a gift. To start, I went through SCAMPER.

S - Substitute: Can I change color, roughness, or smell?
For this first letter I focused on changing the aspect of scent on my product. I created ribbon and/or bows that are scented. Whether it's a classic Christmas scent or a "hint" of the gift that's inside, this will be a fun product for everyone!


C - Combine: What ideas can I combine?
For this letter, I wanted to incorporate something fun into the ribbon, perhaps something geared more towards children. I went off of the idea of a musical card and created musical ribbon so that when the person unwraps their gift, a Christmas song plays.

Musical Ribbon.png

A - Adapt: What ideas could I incorporate?
For this letter, I created ribbon that could connect to each other, so the ribbon can serve as wrapping paper. I incorporated sticky edges, like the backside of tape, so that they connect to each other.

Connecting Ribbon.png

M - Magnify/Modify: What can be made higher, bigger, stronger?
I really liked my idea for this letter. I decided to create a "heavy duty" ribbon that is durable enough to double as a handle for Christmas presents no matter how heavy they are.

Helpful Ribbon.png

P - Put to other use: How would a child use it? An older person?
For this letter I was thinking about how it's very common for young girls to wear ribbons in their hair. I designed these ribbons to be different patterns in order for girls to wear them after they receive their gift and the ribbons don't look like ribbons specific to Christmas.


E - Eliminate: Can the rules be eliminated?
For this letter, I eliminated the idea that the ribbon needs to be the decoration on the gift. Instead, this is a gift in itself that the receiver gets to decorate themselves. It's a wooden bow that is put on the top of a gift and the person can do anything that they want with it.

Create Your Own.png

R - Reverse/Rearrange: What if I consider it backwards? Inside out?
For the last letter of SCAMPER, I created a reversible ribbon. I also made them a bit different from the usual ribbon in the sense that they are very furry on one side and very smooth on the other. This means that they can be reused multiple times and even kept to use for other things.

Reversable Ribbon.png

For the second part of this assignment, I chose the TIGMAG Matrix to brainstorm some ideas.


The ideas that I came up with after this process are as follows:

1. Belt Ribbon: This product is based off of a belt, this product makes it easier to wrap ribbon around a Christmas gift. The holes on the ribbon make the ends easy to connect to each other.

Easy to Use.png

2. Shoe Lace Ribbon: This product was created with shoe laces in mind. The ribbon follows the same shape as the laces, creating a more circular ribbon which leads to a more modern looking ribbon.

Modern Ribbon.png

Brainstorming Ideas:

1. Money Watch: This idea is a watch that has a money tracker as part of it so you always have the ability to keep track of your money.

Money Watch.png

2. Hand/Cart/Car Notebook: I evolved this idea into a device that can hook onto the handle of a cart that you can attach your phone or a notebook onto in the store so you can take notes while you're shopping.

Cart Notebook.png

My top 10:

1. Musical Sled: This product is a sled that plays music while it is in use. An iPod can also be plugged into it and put into a waterproof compartment if needed.

Musical Sled.jpg

2. Scented Kleenex: This product has medicine build into the kleenex and is scented with peppermint to help with stuffy noses.

Holiday Scented Kleenex.jpg

3. Collapsible Cookie-cutters: These cookie cutters collapse for easy storage in a drawer.

Collapsible Cookie-Cutter.jpg

4. Chocolate Stir Stick: This product is a stir stick that is used in hot chocolate or coffee, and while it melts, it adds chocolate to the drink.

Chocolate Icicle Stir Stick.jpg

5. Heated fishing Pole: This product is perfect for fishermen, they don't even need gloves while they're ice fishing.

Heated Fishing Pole.jpg

6. "Gift" card: This card is similar to a credit card, the owner can put a certain amount of money on the card that is designated for buying Christmas gifts.

Gift Card.png

7. Budget Scanner: This is a scanner that you can use while you shop and put in a designated amount of spending money and while you are shopping, it keeps track of your spending.

Budget Scanner.png

8. Gift-Getter app: This is an app that you can type in characteristics of the person you are shopping for and it will help you think of ideas.

Gift Getter App.png

9. Shopping Cart Scanner: This is a scanner that is attached or can be part of the cart or basket that keeps track of the amount of money that you are spending at a certain time.

Cart Scanner.png

10. Helping Ribbon: This product is a heavy duty ribbon that can be used as a handle for carrying gifts, no matter how heavy they are.

Helpful Ribbon.png

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Wow, really great job on this assignment. It seems like you really took advantage of the techniques to encourage further innovation within your product ideas. I love all your Scamper adjustments to the ribbons and I would really enjoy most of those products if they were on the market.

The Design of your blog is very organized and good looking. Your pictures blend and makes it all very clean and professional. Great job!

My favorite of your product ideas are the ribbon helper because I just think it would make it so much easier to travel with/hand out presents on Christmas. I also really like your collapsible cookie cutters. Those would be really handy on saving space. I think you could also really advance your thoughts about the heated fishing pole and make it possibly even more comfortable for fishers in the winter.

Overall, awesome job on this assignment!

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