Assignment 7!


Pugh Chart:

Time to narrow it down to one idea! For this assignment, I started out with my Pugh chart! Here it is! My benchmark is the second one in, I didn't mean to do that, but I had already redone the chart to make it legible and I forgot to put that one first.

My Top 5:
1. Heated Ice Fishing Rod
2. Musical Sled (BENCHMARK)
3. Peppermint-Scented Facial Tissue
4. Chocolate Icicle Stir Stick
5. Collapsible Cookie Cutters

1. Is it novel?
2. Is it feasible?
3. Is it marketable?
4. Does it have good timing?
5. Is there a competitive advantage?

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 8.43.20 PM.png

From my Pugh Chart, I selected the Heated Ice Fishing Rod for my final product.


For this part of the assignment, I struggled a lot. I tried to find synonyms for different words but nothing really seemed to fit. I kept ending up with random lists of words and I was getting nowhere. In fact, I kept finding myself back at "Hot Rod" which is a film, a type of car, and a magazine.

Eventually, I decided to do some more research and learned a bit more about fishing in general. I ended up naming my product, "The Hot Hand" and here's why. Considering my target demographic for the product is a male that is an avid fisherman and over the age of 30; I'm assuming that he would know a fair amount about the fishing world. In fishing, the person who has the "hot hand" is a great fisherman, they catch a lot of fish, really know what they're doing, and know a lot about the equipment. I felt that this name really suited this product idea considering it is implying that by using this rod, the consumer can become the "hot hand" or if they are the "hot hand," that this product is worthy of their use. Plus, it literally makes your hand hot.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 11.51.26 PM.png

Just to be clear, the fishing rod does not come apart, I drew some of the parts seperately to show how it works!


Heated Ice Fishing

*Note: Even though I do not have my visual in this pitch video, I will have one on Tuesday. I also won't be sitting down on Tuesday, I don't have anything that is level to my height where I live. :)


Your Pugh Chart and sketches, though done by hand, look very neat. I like this idea, you did a good job presenting! I am not a fisher so the name seemed a little weak until you explained it. It ended up being very clever! I think cork was a good choice of material here. Though, I forget if this was asked yesterday: Can you adjust the amount of heat?
You spoke clearly in your video and had some enthusiasm. I thought you did a good job of getting all the necessary information in the time you were given.

The clarity of your presentation of information definitely helps me understand your ideas right away. I think that based on your Pugh chart, your heated fishing pole idea has the most potential.

The graphic you showed says "reel sold separately" so I'm assuming this product would be the entire pole with the heated cork included? I think maybe one way you could cut down on the cost, as well as improve its marketability, would be to sell this product as a grip attachment to existing poles. I feel like people won't want to have to buy a new fishing pole, and avid anglers are very particular about their specific pole. This way, the consumer could keep their favorite pole, and simply add this heater on to the handle to keep them warm. Great idea though!

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