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TANK from Nate Milton on Vimeo.

Eerily familiar and beautifully created.
hellbender-salamander-plush-zoom1.jpgI stumbled across this link - http://princessleia.com/journal/?p=8086. Before we talk salamander(y) stuff - notice it's on princessleia.com. Princess Leia being my childhood love, I was intrigued to see what she had to say about salamanders. Unfortunately, it's not that Princess Leia. But, the site owner, Elizabeth, seems nice enough and has an appreciation for salamanders so she's okay by me.  Regarding the salamander(y) stuff, Elizabeth (a.k.a. not Princess Leia) points out the World Wildlife Fund has Hellbender Salamander Adoption Kits. They have three donation levels and for a $50 or $100 donation you can get a 12 inch plush Hellbender. Pricey but nice.

samurai axolotl

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Does it get better than samurai axolotl? Credit goes to my oldest daughter for pointing this out to me! my-wife-made-a-painting-of-a-samurai-axolotl-with-real-paint--he-don-t-have-a-care-in-the-world--1322971207-1287.jpg

scribblenaut's salamander

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scribblenauts_salamander.gifScribblenauts is an interesting video game built around the premise that you can use a magic notepad to write and then bring to life anything you can imagine to help you through the game. I'm a novice but from what I've seen so far i recommend it.  Of course, I needed to see how a salamander was rendered.  So for your enjoyment - Maxwell holding a giant salamander from Scribblenauts. Enjoy.

The US Fish and Wildlife services announced yesterday what's likely to be a final ruling on a six year battle to set aside an area in Sonoma County, California to protect the California tiger salamander. The final ruling sets aside 47,383 acres as critical habitat. The area is significantly smaller than areas previously proposed and exempts a small area for a tribal casino.

Mudpuppy Porter

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It's been a while but I'm back with a quick post. While attending lunch at Stub and Herb's in Minneapolis with few friends from work, I noticed a sign for Central Waters Brewing Company's Mudpuppy Porter. First thought - work on the logo. It's so very similar to the lizard images from the Southwestern United States. I haven't tried the beer since it was lunch but reviews seems positive.

salamander wallpaper

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dlanham- Currently Occupied.jpg
I came across David Lanham illustration's and found the salamander illustration above interesting, excellent and thought I'd share.

right in my own backyard

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A keenly observant work associate of mine (thank you, Carmela K.) sent me this link documenting current research here at the University of Minnesota using salamander DNA to study the evolutionary history of populations and species.

an illustration by Julie Kulak

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My younger brother is well aware of my inordinate fascination with salamanders. A few years ago I received a small illustration from him as a Christmas present. Affixed to the back was a small sticker explaining that the illustration was of a ceremonal flute, a lizard effigy, made by Ye'Kuana Indians in Southern Venezuela/Northern Brazil. At the time, I did wonder why he'd given me an illustration of a lizard. He was more aware that others that a lizard was not a salamander but the image was beautifully detailed and I was happy to have it.

In 2009, Conservation International reported the discovery of a new species of Tropical climbing salamander in the Nangaritza region of southeastern Ecuador. First reports included a few photos but later that year CI provided a video of the salamander. I immediately thought of this illustration and that maybe whoever drew this image could have been wrong. Maybe this was a salamander, and not a lizard, effigy. This newly discovered salamander closely resembles the lizard effigy's erect tail and large head and geographically the location of the Ye'Kuana Indians and salamander are reasonably close.

I didn't know where the gift was originally purchased but it was signed by an artist named Julie Kulak and after some research I was able find an email address for Julie and contact her about the image. She was very helpful in letting me know that she acquired the image from Aurora University's Schingoethe Museum in Aurora, Illinois. She put me in touch with Meg Bero, Executive Director of the Schingoethe Museum and after a few emails back and forth, the trail ended in some notes that the flute was purchased at auction in Mexico in 1998. While I was never able to connect the species that the flute was modeled after or determine what role the lizard/salamander has in their myths and folklore, hopefully I'll have some time for that investigation later. I wonder now whether my younger brother was just a little more observant than I originally thought.

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