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online field guides for salamanders

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I've got quite a few bookmarks of very good online field guides for salamanders. Some are focused towards school-age children such as [the Yahooligans! Animals Page on Amphibians] while others are a good resources for just about everyone like [eNature.com] . [An Online Guide for the Identification of Amphibians in North America north of Mexico] produced by USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center provides an extensive list of salamander species with identification information and photographs for many species.

salamander feeding movies

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Salamanders feed by several methods including feeding with a tongue that extends well beyond the mouth of the salamander. Steven Deban has an excellent website with many examples of how salamanders feed.

UPDATE - nun ends fast

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Reuters [view article] reports that the nun, Venerable Jiyul Sunim, has ended her fast after the South Korean government agreed to a environmental review of how the project will affect the Mount Chunsung ecology.
A friend sent me this story regarding a nun in South Korea fasting to save several endangered species including a rare salamander. [view Yahoo! News article] [view YONHAP News article]

The species most probably mentioned in this article is Fischer's Clawed Salamander or Long-Tailed Clawed Salamander, Onychodactylus fischeri. This species is considered threatened in South Korea. An excellent reference on this species can be found on Global Amphibian Assessment.

My sister found this article on a small village in Thailand who produces canned frog. To say the least I was a little suprised to see this article. [view the article]

Additionally, I came across an article at seafood.com regarding the sale of salamanders to lure back customers after the SARS outbreak. [view article]