if you don't know the name, Dorothy Stang, you should

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I've often wondered how someone like Dorothy Stang musters this much courage and I feel small compared to her. While reading Outside Magazine this month I noticed an article about Dorothy Stang an American nun who was recently killed in Brazil. She had been fighting to save portions of the rainforest for decades by setting aside reserves and helping local farmers. I googled her name this morning to find out more and came up with this article at MSNBC.com. It amazes me that someone could shoot a 74 year old woman in the face over a piece of land and money. According to the Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement, Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) in Portuguese, website issues like this will continue due to one simple fact "in Brazil, less than 3% of the population owns two-thirds of the land on which crops could be grown".

Your probably wondering what this has to do with amphibians. According to the Global Amphibian Assessment Brazil ranks as the number one country in number of amphibian species with 731 species of amphibians. Not suprisingly, it also ranks fourth in number of endangered species with 110. Do I think she was doing this because of amphibians living in the rainforest, probably not. But do I think that the causes were mutually benefial for both those of us who care about the rights of the poor and the protection of the rainforest and the creatures that live within it, definitely.

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