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Several newspaper websites are reporting the discovery of a new salamander species, the Scott Bar salamander, Plethodon asupak. [view article from the Times-Standard] [view article from the San Diego Union Tribune] The species was found in a small area on the California-Oregon border and differs genetically from other plethodontid species found in the area (Siskiyou Mountains salamander and the Del Norte salamander). The details of the discovery were published in the Herpetologica and can be found online.
A new species in the family Plethodontidae or lungless salamanders was found in Korea.[more info at] The Korean Crevice Salamander, Karsenia koreana click for pronunciation of Karsenia koreana, is an unusual find since species from the family Plethodontidae were previously only thought to be found in North America, Central America and Europe. The species resembles other plethodontid salamanders but differs both physically (the tongue is attached) and genetically. [more info at]

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