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Homer Simpson AKA The Safety Salamander

Any mention of a salamander can appear in "a salamander blog" even Homer Simpson dressed up as the Safety Salamander, a position created by Mayor Quimby to promote safety throughout Springfield. If you missed it, the Safety Salamander appeared on last Sunday's edition of The Simpsons.

a salamander treat - bat droppings

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E. spelaeus. Adult from Missouri (captive raised), courtesy of the Cincinnati Zoological Garden. Photo © Suzanne L. Collins, Center for North American Herpetology
Scientists have discovered that grotto salamanders (Eurycea spelaeus) found in northeastern Oklahoma find bat guano a satisfying and abundant salamander treat. Suprisingly, the guano, is high in protein and at least somewhat nourishing to the salamanders.

salamander brandy

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According to an article in the online newspaper The Telegraph, one of most exotic souvenirs to be found from around is a drink infused with poisonous salamander mucus. Apparently, this drink produces an effect where everything is sexually attractive. I don't know how you get a sample as it is secretly produced in Slovenia but a paper published in 2003 details the production of salamander brandy in case I wanted to make my own.